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  • Non-Eophrims

    Non-Eophrim is the term for any humanoid race that is not part of the Post-Eophrim family. They strongly differ from each other and are only categorized together because Post-Eophrims wanted to make things easier for themselves. Non-Eophrims can be anything as long as they are humanoid, even if they look monstrous. They cannot use Essence abilities but often have their own racial ones.
      1. Bauleura

        Non-Eophrims of the continent Bauleura
        • No Non-Eophrims here yet
      2. Monoria

        Non-Eophrims of the continent Monoria
        • No Non-Eophrims here yet
      3. Rimsal

        Non-Eophrims of the continent Rimsal
        • No Non-Eophrims here yet
      4. Shazan

        Non-Eophrims of the continent Shazan
        • No Non-Eophrims here yet
      5. Nomvul

        Non-Eophrims of the continent Nomvul
        • No Non-Eophrims here yet
      6. Faizeon

        Non-Eophrims of the continent Faizeon
      7. Overflowing Continent

        Non-Eophrims of the Overflowing Continent
        • No Non-Eophrims here yet
      8. Culm Ocean

        Non-Eophrims of the Culm Ocean
        • No Non-Eophrims here yet

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