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  • The Etingnean Empire got a new ruler after the old Emperor retired. Empress Estal's coronation ceremony will begin in a few days.
  • Medicence is planning to reveal a new medicine at their next exhibition.
  • Tensions between Darcden and Jaymazra are on the rise since Jaymazra is still in the posession of Bauleurian land that does not belong to them. Could this lead to a major conflict in the future?
  • A Tainted Core smuggler incident in Xenxin showed how bad their security is. The government is still trying to cover everything up.
  • The world-famous explorer Walldos challenged adventurers and explorers all around the world to reach the end of the Culm Ocean first. Will we finally learn what can be found there?
  • Advertisement: Are you a fan of Historia Heroes and interested in Atypian history? Then be excited for our newest edition - the Vylatys expansion that includes new figures!
  • Recruiting: Courier Champion is looking for more journalists to join their team! Contact miss Aravis for more information.

The site is currently under hiatus to change some things up. You can still register and RP, though, we will just not actively advertise during that time.


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  1. Has a ruler

    Politics (Very easy): One of your characters is a ruler which gives you control over a country's actions.

  2. Connected

    Roleplay (Very easy): This member has a character with a profile in Horhsal Connect.

  3. Victorious

    Politics (Easy): Won a war against another country

  4. Romantic

    Roleplay (Easy): Has a character that is in a relationship with another player's character. (Pre-made ones don't count)

  5. Diplomatic

    Politics (Very easy): Signed an alliance with another country (offscreen/premade alliances don't count)

  6. Have at you!

    Roleplay (Easy): Defeated another character in combat. (Doesn't count if the winner is pre-determined or one is letting the other win)

  7. Thrifty

    Politics (Easy): Made a business/economic deal with another country.

  8. What even is that?

    Roleplay (Hard): Discovered an extremely strange Non-Eophrim species. (Player made ones don't count)

  9. Moving with the times

    Politics (Medium): Embraced a breakthrough with your country.

  10. Slayer of ancient beings

    Roleplay (Hard): Defeated an ancient Essence Being. A tainted one counts as well and is even more impressive.

  11. Innovative

    Politics (Hard): Your country is the birthplace of a breakthrough, impressive.

  12. Tainted

    Roleplay (Easy): Has a character that became an Essence Eater in-game. (Pre-made doesn't count)

  13. Glorious

    Politics (Very hard, medium if you already start big): Reached great power or empire status with your country (without buying it in the store) which was no easy task.

  14. Archaeologist

    Roleplay (Medium): Found lost history, an example being a part of the history of a country.

  15. United

    Politics (Easy): Your country joined a confederation or similar group of alliances.

  16. World traveler

    Roleplay (Medium): Visited every continent (and stayed for a while) as a traveling character.

  17. Beating the odds

    Politics (Medium): Your country survived a disaster, like a revolution or financial crisis.

  18. Unusual friends

    Roleplay (Easy): Befriended a Non-Eophrim tribe or settlement. (Self-made ones don't count)

  19. Conqueror of new lands

    Politics (Medium): Established a colony in the Culm Ocean

  20. Reformed

    Roleplay (Hard): As a wild/savage Non-Eophrim, become educated and the accepted citizen of a country. (Countries like Itox do not count)

  21. Superior

    Politics (Hard): Single-handedly defeated another, equally sized country despite them having military breakthroughs your country does not have or, alternatively, a country that is technologically advanced compared to yours.

  22. Protector of the weak

    Roleplay (Medium): Defended a tribe or settlement of Non-Eophrims from invading Post-Eophrims. Also counts if you are a Non-Eophrim of that tribe or settlement.

  23. Feared

    Politics (Medium): You made another country back down/threatened them to give in to your demands without the need for a war.

  24. Studious

    Roleplay (Medium): Graduated from an academy like the Imperial Academy. Has to happen in-game and you can't start in the last semester.

  25. Destructive

    Politics (Medium): Completely annexed another country, removing it from the map.

  26. Pride of the Empire

    Roleplay (Hard): Got a master diploma at the Imperial Academy of Etingnun. You have to earn it in-game.

  27. Honorable

    Politics (Easy): Honored an alliance and joined the defensive war of an ally.

  28. Justice is on my side

    Roleplay (Medium): Won a case in court, either as a prosecutor or defense attorney (or as a Denouncer or Vindicator if you are in the Etingnean Empire).

  29. Death wish

    Politics (Easy): Got into a conflict with a Monorian great power. I'm not sure why you thought this was a good idea.

  30. Death to all traitors

    Roleplay (Medium): Convicted a defendant of being a traitor in the Imperial Tribunal of Etingnun. Either as an Imperial Judge or Denouncer (so two players can get this medal at the same time).

  31. Finding the truth

    Roleplay (Medium): Defended someone who was accused of being a traitor in the Imperial Tribunal and unveiled the true culprit. For Vindicators.

  32. New beginnings

    Politics (Medium because it will be hard to part with it): Gave up on your old country that you have been using for a while to start with a new one.

  33. Objection!

    Roleplay (Medium): Successfully won 10 rebuttals in court. (Yes, this is an Ace Attorney reference.)

  34. Maritime tactician

    Politics (Medium): Defeated the fleet of a colonial power in a naval battle.

  35. Disciple of progress

    Roleplay (Easy): Participated in an event or story that had to do with a new breakthrough.

  36. Growing power

    Politics (Easy): Conquered lands of another country.

  37. Expansive

    Politics (Medium): Grew to double the size your country started with (small countries don't count).

  38. How the mighty have fallen

    Politics (Hard): Helped (you don't have to be the war leader) to destroy an empire or great power.

  39. Warmonger

    Politics (Very hard): Generated a lot of Aggression and survived a coalition war.

  40. Energy for days

    Politics (Medium): Owns land in the Overflowing Continent - don't let anyone steal it from you.

  41. Multicultural love

    Politics (Easy): Is a monarchy with a ruler that has a spouse from another country's royal family plus a (biological) child with said spouse that is the heir/ess of the country. (Political or forced Everlasting Devotions don't count.)

  42. Progressive

    Politics (Medium): As the ruler of a country that dislikes Non-Eophrim, change the laws to make them accepted (this will be met with resistance) and have a Non-Eophrim politician (not ruler, that would make you the target of a lot of countries and is not accepted by the world).

  43. Champion of the people

    Politics (Easy): As the ruler of a democracy, won an election with fair means.

  44. Absolute dominion

    Politics (Medium): As a country that is not an autocracy or absolute monarchy (like a democracy), gain absolute power with your ruler to become an autocrat.

  45. Missionary

    Politics (Medium): Converted another country to your religion as a theocracy.

  46. Slaver

    Politics (Easy): Has a country that still allows Non-Eophrim slavery and stole Non-Eophrims from another country to enslave them.

  47. Freedom fighter

    Politics (Easy): Forced another country to abolish Non-Eophrim slavery.

  48. Back to its rightful owner

    Politics (Medium): Forced a country to give back land they conquered from another country.

  49. On to the next adventure

    Roleplay (Easy): Successfully explored a dungeon, what an exciting adventure.

  50. No risk no fun

    Roleplay (Easy): Buy a mysterious potion from a strange merchant or find one and drink it.

  51. Friend and helper

    Roleplay (Easy): Helped a city's guard to deal with a group of criminals or protected a city from a threat.

  52. Cunning businessman

    Roleplay (Hard): Sold an extremely rare item (which you actually have to find) for a fortune. Easier as a merchant.

  53. From rags to riches

    Roleplay (Very hard): Start as a poor lower class character and work your way up to the rich upper-class. (Can take a long time)

  54. Hunting the hunter

    Roleplay (Hard): Caught a rare monster and tamed it. (Does not need to be a Creature Catcher but makes it easier)

  55. At death's door

    Roleplay (Medium): Survived the encounter with a nightmarish aberration or a high-ranking Tainted Essence Being.

  56. Stronger together

    Roleplay (Easy): Formed a long-term party with at least 3 other characters that were strangers or fleeting acquaintances before.

  57. Friends forever

    Roleplay (Very easy): Has a character that found a best friend in-game. (Already established or planned friends do not count)

  58. Dauntless

    Roleplay (Medium): Defeated a strong "boss NPC", alone or with a party.

  59. Party animal

    Roleplay (Easy): Was part of an amazing party most players had a lot of fun with.

  60. Character hoarder

    Roleplay (Very easy): Has at least 10 characters. (Will be taken away if you just delete them afterward)

  61. I was there!

    Event: Was part of the coronation ceremony of Empress Estal Monetiaga, the first big event of this website.

  62. I participated

    Event (Very easy): Was part of an event from start to finish.

  63. I'm always there!

    Event (Easy): Actively participated in at least 10 events.

  64. Event creator

    Event (Easy): Made an event by yourself that people participated in and that got finished successfully.

  65. Festive

    Event: Participated in a Horhsalian holiday event. (Like the Warm Hearts Week)

  66. The first of many stories

    Story (Easy): Fully participated in a story.

  67. Seasoned player

    Story (Hard): Actively participated in at least 10 stories.

  68. Storywriter

    Story (Easy): Made your own story that others participated in and that was successfully finished.

  69. A long story ends

    Story (Hard): Was part of a full storyline.

  70. Etingnean glory

    Story (Easy): Participated in the Etingnean storyline.

  71. Multiracial

    Roleplay (Very easy): Has at least one character of every Post-Eophrim race.

  72. Small steps

    Membershop (Easy): Contributed to a breakthrough.

  73. Mischievous

    Membershop (Very hard): Spent 10.000 points in illegal research (does not have to be spent all at once and can accumulate over time). Keep your breakthrough "items" if you want to keep track of it.

  74. Sponsor

    Membershop (Very hard): Completely finished a breakthrough all by yourself - you must REALLY love breakthroughs. How did you get this many points?!

  75. Newsworthy

    Membershop (Easy): Bought 5 news ticker. Don't forget, you actually have to come up with something interesting for them.

  76. Called Gota a goat

    Membershop (Very easy): I will remember this.

  77. Mad scientist

    Membershop (Very hard): Spent 10.000 points in dangerous research (does not have to be spent all at once and can accumulate over time). Keep your breakthrough "items" if you want to keep track of it.

  78. General

    Membershop (Very hard): Spent 10.000 points in military technology (does not have to be spent all at once and can accumulate over time). Keep your breakthrough "items" if you want to keep track of it.

  79. Follower of the Essence

    Membershop (Very hard): Spent 10.000 points in Essence sciences (does not have to be spent all at once and can accumulate over time). Keep your breakthrough "items" if you want to keep track of it.

  80. Constructor

    Membershop (Very hard): Spent 10.000 points in engineering (does not have to be spent all at once and can accumulate over time). Keep your breakthrough "items" if you want to keep track of it.

  81. Visionary

    Membershop (Very hard): Spent 10.000 points in high tech(does not have to be spent all at once and can accumulate over time). Keep your breakthrough "items" if you want to keep track of it.

  82. Savior of the sick

    Membershop (Very hard): Spent 10.000 points in medicine (does not have to be spent all at once and can accumulate over time). Keep your breakthrough "items" if you want to keep track of it.

  83. Genius

    Membershop (Very hard): Spent 10.000 points in physics (does not have to be spent all at once and can accumulate over time). Keep your breakthrough "items" if you want to keep track of it.

  84. Unveiling life's secrets

    Membershop (Very hard): Spent 10.000 points in biology (does not have to be spent all at once and can accumulate over time). Keep your breakthrough "items" if you want to keep track of it.

  85. Alchemist

    Membershop (Very hard): Spent 10.000 points in chemistry (does not have to be spent all at once and can accumulate over time). Keep your breakthrough "items" if you want to keep track of it.

  86. Artist

    Miscellaneous: Is a talented artist who can draw their own characters.

  87. Wah!

    Miscellaneous: Has proven to be a lovable weirdo.

  88. Discord

    Miscellaneous: Is active in the site's Discord.

  89. For treasure!

    Roleplay (Easy): Found a treasure chest in a dungeon/ruin (or broke into someone's storage to steal one) and opened it. Sorry, there are no random chests lying around in the wilderness.

  90. Finished a campaign

    Campaign (Hard): Was part of a campaign that came to an end. That was a long story but I hope you had fun with it.

  91. Lucky

    Campaign (Very hard): Did an amazing feat within the system of a campaign (like getting the best throw possible or getting out of an impossible situation which surprised even me).

  92. Mighty

    Campaign (Very hard): Made your character as strong as the campaign's system allows.

  93. A winner is you

    Campaign (Very hard): You and your group reached a campaign's goal and got a good ending.

  94. Thanks?

    Campaign (Medium): Met a mysterious person and got a present from him or her.

  95. Discoverer of new civilizations

    Roleplay (Medium): Found an unknown Non-Eophrim civilization

  96. Explorer

    Roleplay/Campaign (Medium): Explored an unknown Culm Ocean island. Can either be done as part of Essence of the Oceans or in an explorative roleplay.

  97. Brave adventurer

    Roleplay/Campaign (Medium): Pacified an aggressive Non-Eophrim tribe within the Culm Ocean and got a treasure or information from them. Can either be done as part of Essence of the Oceans or in an explorative roleplay.

  98. Navigator

    Campaign - Essence of the Oceans (Hard): Reached the end of the Culm Ocean, even if you weren't the first.

  99. Treasure hunter

    Campaign - Essence of the Oceans (Very hard): Found 50 treasures and evaluated them - you're going to be rich once you are home!

  100. World-famous explorer

    Campaign - Essence of the Oceans (Insane): Your crew was the first to reach the end of the Culm Ocean which means you bested even the legendary Walldos! (Although he gave you and the others a handicap at the beginning)

  101. Persuasive

    Campaign - Essence of the Oceans (Medium): Managed to get out of a hostile situation with a colonial power without violence or, alternatively, convinced them to help you (even if there was no hostile situation).

  102. Admiral

    Roleplay/Campaign (Medium): Won a naval battle with your ship. (Playing a country and defeating another fleet with yours doesn't count)

  103. Milestone

    Roleplay (Easy or medium depending on the goal): Reached a big personal goal of your character or finished their personal story. I hope they feel accomplished now!

  104. Marine

    Roleplay/Campaign (Hard): Defeated a pirate ship and its crew - the seas should be safer now. Culm pirates count as well.

  105. A pirate's life for me!

    Roleplay (Medium): As a pirate (or Culm pirate), boarded and plundered the ship of a great power, empire or colonial power without getting caught afterward.

  106. Scourge of the Horhsalian seas

    Roleplay (Hard): As a pirate (or Culm pirate), help establish a pirate republic and protect it from other countries. Also counts if you join it after it has been established.

  107. Slaughterer

    Roleplay (Medium): Destroyed a tribe or settlement (Post- and Non-Eophrim both count). You monster!

  108. Pioneer spirit

    Roleplay (Easy): Became a colonist and helped a colony grow.

  109. Destroyer of slimes

    Roleplay (Medium): Defeated a massive slime. Ew, now you're all sticky.

  110. My new friend

    Roleplay (Easy): Caught an animal or monster and made it your pet. (Has to happen in-game)

  111. X marks the spot

    Roleplay (Medium): Followed the instructions of a treasure map to find something.

  112. Gambler

    Membershop (Very hard): Has bet and won at least 500 points with Guess the number. Make a screenshot to prove it.

  113. Fortunate

    Membershop (Very hard): Won the max amount of points with the Mystery box. Make a screenshot to prove it.

  114. What?

    Roleplay (Very easy): Was part of an incredibly weird or stupid scene. (Forcing it doesn't count)

  115. Sneaky

    Roleplay (Medium): Broke into a mansion, bank or museum and stole something valuable without getting caught.

  116. Veteran

    Roleplay (Medium): As the member of a nation's army, fought in a battle and defeated an enemy commander.

  117. Patriot

    Roleplay (Easy): As a soldier, guard, Champion or similar profession of a nation, protect your ruler from an attack or help defeat a riot, rebellion or revolution.

  118. Promoted

    Roleplay (Very hard): Be part of the military, start as a regular soldier and become a general.

  119. Military powerhouse

    Politics (Very hard): Have an army size equal to a militaristic great power or empire. Doesn't count if you bought rulership over a great power or empire in the membershop.

  120. Bulwark

    Politics (Hard): Win a defensive war against a much greater force.

  121. Forgiving

    Politics (Medium): Became friendly (has to be mutual) with a country that severely hated you in the past or caused a lot of damage to you.

  122. No more bloodshed

    Politics (Medium): Convinced two countries that were at war with each other to sign a peace treaty.

  123. Messenger of peace

    Politics (Hard): Actively played a country for a long time without getting into a single war.

  124. City of wonders

    Politics (Hard): Starting as a city-state, have your capital be one of the most populated and known cities in the entire world. You are still allowed to conquer more land and thus remove your city-state status, you just have to start as a city-state.

  125. Living legend

    Politics (Hard): Have your ruler do something that earns them a spot in the annals of history.

  126. Monumental

    Politics (Hard): Construct a monument within your country that can be considered a wonder of the world. However, you have to come up with the design yourself, cannot copy Earth monuments and have to consider the insane prize that even some great powers and empires couldn't afford.

  127. Wealthy

    Politics (Hard): Become so rich that you could just buy land in the Overflowing continent instead of fighting for it (good luck finding someone who would actually sell it, though).

  128. Humble beginnings

    Politics (Insane): Starting as a city-state or tiny country, become a great power or empire and be the at least 5th biggest country on your continent.

  129. Gave a character a home

    Roleplay (Very easy): Took an adoptable character and made them an actual character. Will be removed if you just erase the character again.

  130. You are mine now

    Politics (Easy): Vassalized another country and made it your subject.

  131. Vassalfeeding

    Politics (Easy): Declared war on another country and won for the sole purpose to give lands to your vassal.

  132. Independent

    Politics (Medium): Was a vassal that broke free from their overlord.

  133. Overlord

    Politics (Medium): Has at least 4 vassals that are all loyal subjects - none of them can have plans to break free.

  134. I feast on your hatred

    Politics (Hard): Is openly hated/denounced by at least 10 other nations.

  135. Toppled the Oppressor

    Bounty hunt (Insane): Helped to bring down the Oppressor, a massive threat that terrorized hundreds of people.

  136. Unparalleled leadership

    Politics (Very hard): As an adoptable nation that is considered very hard difficulty wise, you have grown to a relatively big size and defeated most of your neighbors in at least one war respectively (they can still exist, you have merely shown them who is superior).

  137. National pride

    Politics (Medium): Wrote a national anthem for your country by yourself. That's some dedication and a lot of effort.

  138. Iron fist

    Politics (Easy): Squashed a rebellion with brute force or used suppressive means to quell it.

  139. My faith wills it

    Politics (Medium): Declared a holy war on a country of a different religion (it has to have a state religion) and won.

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