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  • The Etingnean Empire got a new ruler after the old Emperor retired. Empress Estal's coronation ceremony will begin in a few days.
  • Medicence is planning to reveal a new medicine at their next exhibition.
  • Tensions between Darcden and Jaymazra are on the rise since Jaymazra is still in the posession of Bauleurian land that does not belong to them. Could this lead to a major conflict in the future?
  • A Tainted Core smuggler incident in Xenxin showed how bad their security is. The government is still trying to cover everything up.
  • The world-famous explorer Walldos challenged adventurers and explorers all around the world to reach the end of the Culm Ocean first. Will we finally learn what can be found there?
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A wild galaxy cat appeared!

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Sae uses introduction!

Hi I'm a rad cat that does the draw and stuff. Hopefully I can make some friends here and all that jazz! I like making cute girls, and I like designing interesting characters. All of the designs for the races here are just my cup of tea ♥
Interests? What are those? I love Love Live and Touhou, and a number of other things! I don't know, just ask! lol

It's not very effective...


Edited by Sae
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It's great having more artists, that's for sure! You should totally put your stuff into the share your art place or Booru once it's finished.

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