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  • Zargarik is still recovering after losing most of its lands in a revolution. It is said that their government is reforming.
  • The Etingnean Empire got a new ruler after the old Emperor retired. Empress Estal's coronation ceremony will begin in a few days.
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Important starter roles for Kowarik

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Kowarik is a relatively new country that is mostly shaped by the players, so you can be almost anything there and it will have an effect. However, there are still some roles that should be filled. They are not absolutely required to get things going but I'd still say that it would be good to have characters filling them around.


- Politicians: Kowarik is a direct democracy, meaning that the population is the ruler. That also means the country is not ruled by a single person or party. However, there are still politicians around, mostly doing administrative work and representing the country abroad. They do not have any actual ruling power but are still important in the management of the country and the government building.


- Grand General (x1 but there can be more regular generals): Every army needs a Grand General, this also holds true for Kowarik's. The army of the young democracy is still inexperienced and does not have much professionalism. Still, there should a Grand General around to guide the army and help improve Kowarik's military capabilities.

Grand General can start with an Old Essence Weapon if not a Repudiator and is strong so players are not allowed to abuse this.


- Grand Admiral (x1 but there can be more regular admirals): Just like the army needs a leader, the navy, too, needs a strong hand leading it, especially since Kowarik will require a strong navy to survive, seeing how they are on an island landmass that separates it from the rest of the continent.

Grand Admiral can start with an Old Essence Weapon if not a Repudiator and is strong so players are not allowed to abuse this.


- Captain of the guard (x1: While the army and navy are out there fighting enemies on the borders or outside the country, the guard is vital to keep the capital itself safe, catching criminals, preventing sabotage and upkeeping civil order. They may not be as numerous and strong as the army but they are still important and need a leader as well.

This role can start with an Old Essence Weapon if not a Repudiator and is strong so players are not allowed to abuse this.


- Civilians: The backbone of every civilization and country - the population. This includes the majority of the people, like entertainers, craftsmen, merchants, workers, and many many more. They are the key to progress Kowarik as a country and to develop the capital. Without them, no country could ever hope to get anywhere.

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