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  • Zargarik is still recovering after losing most of its lands in a revolution. It is said that their government is reforming.
  • The Etingnean Empire got a new ruler after the old Emperor retired. Empress Estal's coronation ceremony will begin in a few days.
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Etingnean faction: Centralists

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NOT to be confused with centrists who are something completely different.

The Centralists are similar to the Loyalists as in that they are extremely loyal. However, they are different from them. While the Loyalists are most loyal towards the imperial family and the country itself, the Centralists swear unyielding allegiance towards the Emperor or Empress as a ruler. In a way, they are even more loyal than the Loyalists and hostile towards factions that have differing views, especially the Decentralists.

Their main goal is to centralize the empire even more than it already is, meaning to remove governors that are somewhat autonomous and put absolute, full control in the hands of the ruler. They are against a decentralized realm and followers of absolutism. Some of their members also tend to have a negative opinion of the Senate since they have more powers than they should have, in the Centralists' opinion.

How big their faction always heavily depends on the current ruler since a more popular and stronger one is, even if he/she is not interested in their views, more likely to attract them.

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