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  • Zargarik is still recovering after losing most of its lands in a revolution. It is said that their government is reforming.
  • The Etingnean Empire got a new ruler after the old Emperor retired. Empress Estal's coronation ceremony will begin in a few days.
  • Recruiting: Courier Champion is looking for more journalists to join their team! Contact miss Aravis for more information.

Member shop and breakthroughs

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It's been like a month since the last announcement. Sorry, the holidays have been a bit busy but we're ready to get more things going this year!
First off, I have added a small new feature that will probably be rarely used but is still there - being able to comment on postings. This is mostly done in OoC areas but I might use it for campaign moderation in the future.

The much bigger update is the implementation of a member shop (you can find it in the top right). You will gain points from posting and replying but only in specific areas since I don't want people to abuse it. As such, you will only generate points in the RP section, the character wanted ads forums, the member introduction forum, and the showcase forums. I want to entice people to be more active there and the more active you are, the more points you can gather. These points can be used for player amenities, like pinning a thread, creating a personal subforum, and so on or you spend them on scientific breakthroughs. This is another big update that will change Horhsal's technological future.
You can use points to invest in different fields of sciences and once enough points have been put into a science - multiple people can do that, so it is a joint effort - a story or event will introduce a breakthrough to the world which will come with a new technology or something similar. The members get to decide which focus Horhsalian sciences should have since advancing all of them will take a lot of points, so you have to think about which ones you want to advance first. I hope this feature is used regularly.

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