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Sefi Aravis

Interview with a Gyondouran warrior

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I was able to interview a truly fascinating person named Kireoki. She is a warrior of the Nezordu clan from Gyondou, a country many of you probably do not know much about. Here is the interview:

Sefi: Thank you so much for your time and your willingness to participate in this interview! Say, what is your full name?

Kireoki: Gladly, it is the least I can do after what we went through together. And my full name is Kireoki, 27. family of the Nezordu clan.

S: That's an unusual full name. Wouldn't something like Kireoki Nezordu make more sense?

K: No, you see, this is how we name people in our country. You have the first name, followed by the number that their family has within the clan. Of course, my clan is like a second family but we are not related by blood. To avoid confusion, every blood-related family has a number to see who is related to whom.

S: Oh, I see now. That's actually fascinating. So, is 27 a low or high number?

K: The number does not actually mean much when it comes to hierarchy, maybe if a family has 1, 2 or 3, all numbers after that are not of much importance. But, to answer your question, it is a medium number. it would be a low number in other clans but the Nezordu clan's cities usually have a lower population than other clan's.

S: Talking about clans, what can you tell us about them?

K: I feel like that would be a bit much for one interview but I will try. You see, most people in Gyondou belong to a clan, or rather their family does. There are 8 clans that all have different ideologies and mindsets and together they form Gyondou. We may be in conflict once per generation but we need each other. My clan is the Nezordu clan, a highly secretive one that focuses on espionage and stealth operations. We are so well hidden that nobody knows our cities' names and locations.

S: Huh, amazing. Are you allowed to talk about this?

K: Of course, I did not tell you anything of high importance.

S: So, why did you become a warrior instead of something more secretive?

K: Every clan needs its warriors, even the Nezordu. We may not have many warriors but people like me are still needed in the case that we have to face others in combat.

S: You said something about a conflict once per generation.

K: Indeed, the Devotion War. Our country is highly religious and believes in the Cave Mother. We also believe that said Cave Mother has an avatar on our world that is always of the same bloodline. We call this person, which is always female, the Heiress of the Cave Mother. The male clan leader or his son that devotes himself to the current Heiress of the Cave Mother will be the one to rule our country until the next Heiress of the Cave Mother, their daughter, is old enough to be devoted. Then, a Devotion War happens and the winning clan will be able to have someone devote himself to her. This does not even need to be the clan leader or his son but can be anybody from that clan, especially if the same clan wins two times in a row. We are absolutely against incest which is another reason for the family numbers.

S: You have a really interesting culture. I wish it would be easier to visit your country but I heard the currently ruling clan isn't too fond of foreigners which is a reason why not many people of this generation know about you.

K: It is true that the Kazazura clan is not the most friendly one towards foreigners but they do not completely keep them out of the country, so if you are fine with heavy regulations and being watched by the guards you can still visit us. Or you wait until the next Devotion War is over and hope that someone else wins, preferably the Nezordu. [She laughed after that.]

S: Er, I'll pass for now. How would the Nezordu rule?

K: We do not really care about rulership which is why we would not impose authority other the other clans but rather have them rule themselves. Basically a free clans situation.

S: That's almost democratic but not quite, I think. Anyway, I will be rooting for you. How old is the current Heiress and what will you do if the next Devotion War happens.

K: She's almost old enough, so the next Devotion War should happen soon. And I will return home to fight for the Nezordu, of course.

S: Ever the brave warrior, I see. How lethal are the Devotion Wars? Like, are they just friendly fights?

K: Sadly not. They are like a real war with casualties but we try to not hold grudges against other clans.

S: Damn, that sounds rough. I hope you won't fall, then. Oh yeah, one more question. What is living in a Nezordu city like? If you can answer that.

K: Thank you, I will try my best. And let me think for a second... It is actually more fun than you might think. Our training already starts when we are children but it is done in a playful way. You could say the training was similar to games of which we have a lot. After growing to teenage years it becomes a bit rougher but we are used to it by then. Life itself is really peaceful since we do not have to worry about members from other clans causing trouble. The old can grow old and children play on the streets. There is no technology, however, so I never even heard about things like TFs and mobile frames before leaving the country. It was a cultural shock.

S: Yeah, almost sounds like a completely different age. I don't think I could live there. Anyway, thanks so much for your time and all the answers! Your home sounds like an amazing place and I really hope that Gyondou will be led by a more foreigner-friendly clan after the next Devotion War, so that our readers can visit Gyondou themselves.

K: My pleasure. I feel the same and would like to see more foreigners in our country. We can learn a lot from you.

After that, the interview ended. I hope you found it as interesting as I did and are thinking about visiting Gyondou if they get a more open-minded clan in the future.

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