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  • A Tainted Core smuggler incident in Xenxin showed how bad their security is. The government is still trying to cover everything up.
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Sefi Aravis

Essence Core smugglers in Xenxin

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Xenxin, a country that many - myself included - love for its hospitality, is, sadly, not completely without fault, especially when it comes to law enforcement and dealing with illegal activities. This article's purpose is not to attack Xenxin but rather to report on something that happened while I was there.

I was in Xenxin for a vacation when I saw someone who looked like a Gyondouran warrior - with whom I was able to have an interview that I will post after this article. I tried asking people if they had seen her but one highly suspicious man confused me for an accomplice of hers. It turned out that he was with a group of Essence Core smugglers that wanted to rob her because she is an Essence Core hunter. When that rude man did not let go of me the Gyondouran warrior herself showed up to teach him a lesson. There was also another Core hunter but he wasn't the most trustworthy person, for a reason. After we were able to locate their hideout, we had to witness a horrible scene - one of the smugglers turned into a Tainted Essence Being and killed all of his partners. The brave warrior decided to engage the creature while the hunter and I were trying to find help. We quickly found someone who is part of the Purifiers of the Essence and I was able to prove my doubts about the other Core hunter. He was in illegal possession of a Tainted Essence Core and the Purifiers took him in before I led their leader towards the smuggler's hideout. She and the warrior were able to defeat the Tainted Essence Being and we were able to pull the curtain over the whole incident. By the way, their hideout was under the bridge that connects Shazan with Bauleura.

Please, Xenxin government, try to keep an eye out for smugglers and please, Xenxin people, do not just look away when someone looks like they are in trouble. Your friendliness should not stop you from engaging troublemakers. I hope this article and the whole situation will get some people thinking.

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