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    The green and brown/yellow color on the continents does not show the actual geography - the colors are just for decoration (the exception being the white on the Overflowing Continent). There are no poles but Horhsal can still function without them. Instead, the Culm Ocean and Ocean of Mist are there where the North and South Pole would be.


    Bauleura is the continent with the most resources and the richest nature but also one of the most dangerous ones in return. It is the only continent where several gigantic animals called Gigants live. Beings so huge some of them can even reach the height of mountains - however, huge creatures that are as big as buildings can still appear on other continents. The special thing about Gigants is that they are ridiculously big and can even become a threat to whole cities. They are not as common as other animals but the military is on high alert should they appear, needing a special kind of training to deal with them, even in later ages. The regular animals are also usually fiercer here.

    There are more natural disasters than anywhere else, even weird ones and strange weather – like slimy rain, actually magnetic tornados, quakes so intense everything is shivering instead of shaking and so on. Aside from that, it is still a rather pleasant continent to live on, being central to 4 other continents which enables a profitable trade economy. It is connected with Shazan and Rimsal through enormous bridges and directly with Monoria while Faizeon lies southeast across the ocean.

    The Colossal Chasm

    The Colossal Chasm between Shazan, Bauleura, and Rimsal was not always there and is the fault of the Atypian Empire when it still existed. The last emperor wanted to use the power of a legendary Essence Being by putting it under his control - which went horribly wrong and led to an enormous explosion of Essence Energy, big enough to rip a hole into the planet. Nobody really knows what exactly happened but the legendary Essence Being, the emperor and the whole landmass, that was positioned between the three continents but still part of Rimsal, were reduced to nothingness because of it. The chasm grew after that until it reached the size it has even today before coming to a halt.

    The Rimsalians and Bauleurians built a huge bridge during the latter half of the Age of Construction to have a foot connection between the two continents and a quicker way to travel between them. While they were at it, they also constructed two additional bridges to connect Baulaura and Rimsal with Shazan each. They got renovated in the Age of Expansion.

    There are plans for a second bridge between Bauleura and Rimsal which would be westward from the first one and go over the sea instead of the chasm.


    Monoria is a continent ridden by countless wars and a stronghold of military power. Most countries here are in conflict with each other. Peaceful times are rare although some of them smite temporary alliances and Monorians try to be polite in their conflicts (at least most of them). The continent itself has an unbreakable ground - not even modern technologies would be able to break through.

    This renders cultivating the land impossible and mining most resources (there are mountains over the ground, sure, but they do not give away many resources) has always been a game of luck which would make one think it is impossible to survive here. What is special about Monoria is that parts of the ground often rise up to become short-living plateaus which enables the people to gather whatever they need because resources and edible animals come up as well. They mine the walls of these plateaus while their top parts are still made out of the unbreakable ground.

    There are flora and fauna on the surface, despite Monoria's special ground - nature always finds a way to adapt, after all. The plants here grow directly from the ground itself instead of having roots underneath it which makes them look different, giving them a different color (plants are seldom green here) which also affected the animals living here. There are not enough resources, however, to nurture the populations of whole countries which is why they are dependent on the rising plateaus. Because of the rising ground's irregularity, there are often shortages, being the reason why they fight each other for land – higher chances that plateaus go up there – and resources although there are also political conflicts, especially between the most powerful countries. Monoria may have scarce resources but the mineral deposits under its indestructible ground are extremely valuable and could rake in wealth should they ever break through far enough which will probably happen during the later stages of the Age of Expansion.

    The most powerful countries here, starting from the Age of Construction, are great powers.


    Rimsal is an extremely random continent that has no fixed climate zones. The whole continent changes its weather and climate all the time and it is impossible to predict the next change but people still manage to live here. There could be a desert in one week and suddenly a snowfield the next day. During one day, rain could fall down and the air be freezing and the next one it is so sunny and hot that you will feel like melting, therefore having to keep both summer and winter clothes in check.

    There are no real seasons here and the constantly changing climate is rough to accustom to but amazingly enough, nature here managed to do so, even animals and plants which are a lot like Atmogis. There are some areas where the change is slower. Or you could say: there are different types of areas that have their own changing speeds and rules. Like a region where changes happen weekly while they happen daily in another one which makes the random continent a bit more predictable even if you do not know what the next change is going to be.


    A continent that looks like an endlessly huge mountain from the outside - it is a mountain as big as a continent, so that is that - and the outside of it is pretty bare, not a good place to live. Which is why most people live inside of Shazan. There are even several countries inside, some of them are in different heights and either over or under each other. The people here are excellent engineers when it comes to light – they even discovered a way to replicate artificial sunlight during the Age of Construction. The flora here mostly consists of mushrooms but there are also other plants and something like “underground trees”. Most animals here do not have excellent sight and rely on their other senses. However, there are still some regions in which light from outside shines through, illuminating them during the day.

    The top of Shazan (outside) is a rather barren place but there are still some people trying to live here. There is an island country outside of Shazan that is not inside the mountain and on a separate landmass (like New Zealand is not connected to Australia).


    Nomvul has habitats that are special in their own way and often made out of something that does not make sense for them, like a yellow sugar desert or non-organic-leather canyon. More about this in Nomvul's nature section.

    The biggest landmasses are the two outer half-rings although they are more like two-thirds rings. The one that is outside the furthest does mostly consist of jungles and the second inner one of deserts although there are still a few deserts in the outer one as well and also canyons, savannas and volcano areas in both of them. Between the rings, so there where the ocean would flow in, is not water but a lava sea which makes it highly dangerous to fall into it.

    The two thinner landmasses outside the outer ring are also part of Nomvul. The one on the right top consists mostly of steppes and canyons while the other one is a vast volcanic area.


    Faizeon is a continent that consists of 4 landmasses that are different from each other. Each landmass lies beneath the sea level but is not under water. They are more like gigantic holes but unlike the one between Bauleura, Rimsal, and Shazan, these have a ground on which people can live and which has always been the same size. From the outside, it either looks like water is flowing down like a waterfall, building a ring around the landmass that is down here - although it is not a straight ring if you look at it on the world map - or the water flows down like on a slope, so it is like a crater. Two of the four landmasses, Yefey and Zufey, have the waterfall-like case and the other two, Marhnzon and Vahrnizon, the crater-like one. The two with the waterfall-like case were colonized later since people needed to find a way to reach them first which happened around the start of the second half of the Age of Construction, meaning the countries there are “younger” than the ones in the crater-like cases. The altitude and some other factors of the landmasses have a lot of influence on them.

    Faizeon is the only continent (yes, technically speaking, they are four continents but people grouped them together into a single one, even if they are not connected by land) where chimera animals live - creatures that are a mixture of different classes of animals, like a mixture of a fish and a bird or a mammal and a reptile or even more than two. This is true for all animals here, meaning there are no single-class animals, and also affected the Faunarims who have lived here since people came here, meaning that Chimera Faunarims are originally from Faizeon. Of course, the flora was also affected and led to mixtures but, strangely enough, it did not affect Floraphs and there are some single-class plants.

    Nature itself developed in a fascinating way and there are things like “flying” water masses above land, fishbirds - or birdfish but people prefer the other version - like to swim through them and then come out flying, organic and non-organic material getting switched up from time to time, like a leafy rock or a stony tree, regions that are usually found underwater but can be found on land here, like a kelp forest, and other oddities.

    Since ores and durable stones are hard to find in Yefey and Zufey - they exist but are rarer than elsewhere like the other two landmasses - the people here had to get crafty and make their buildings out of other materials that depend on the resources of the region. The ore that is available is mostly used for important machines and vehicles, like vehicles that are similar to submarines and can travel through water which is their most preferred way to travel to other Faizeon landmasses since regular ships would have a hard time getting up or down (well, getting down is easy in that case but you will probably die) the waterfalls surrounding two of the landmasses. These are usually reached per diving or flying vehicles, while regular boats can only traverse the slope-like water streams of Marhnzon and Vahrnizon.

    Overflowing Continent

    A continent that has such a high Essence Energy amount that no person could live here which means there are no countries on this continent, making it no-man's-land which is not entirely true because there are numerous Non-Eophrims living on the Overflowing Continent.

    People found a way to enter it without transforming into Essence Beings at the beginning of the Age of Expansion.

    Culm Ocean

    You can imagine that an ocean that is bigger than two continents combined is massive and has a lot of “sea” regions although it is actually a grass ocean. You can imagine it like this: it consists of towering culms that can become as “tall” as an ocean in some areas and the deeper you go the more dangerous it becomes because there are numerous dangerous insects instead of fishes living in it, a lot of them being big or even huge. This is why most travelers use special “ships” that progress between the peaks of the culms. You can imagine the culm peaks as the surface of an ocean.

    The normal ocean is connected to it and flows down near the second region of the Culm Ocean and underneath it because of that, making the bottom of the Culm Ocean swamplike and even deadlier. So, you should never go too deep and to fall off your ship will certainly kill you.

    The special thing about the dozens of islands here is that they lie on the backs of huge creatures, mostly crabs or insects, that move around and are not fixated in one place although most of them stay in their region which makes it easier to assign them to certain ones. This, nonetheless, makes it impossible to have currently matching maps which is why the maps usually only show the region and list the islands here without assigning them to a place.

    It is obvious that this ocean is highly popular with adventurers and explorers who hope to find new land, riches, and fame. The islands here come in all different sizes and shapes. Some are small and some other ones are big enough to inhabit a whole colony or city-state.

    The Ocean of Mist

    An ocean that is mostly unexplored because it is one big fog ocean. Ships made out of wood decay after some time while ships out of metal begin to rust when they are too long inside the fog. This made exploring the ocean impossible until now. It is every explorer's dream to discover this ocean's secrets.

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