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  • State of the country


    This is an important entry that details more about Kowarik as a country and how it is currently doing. Most of here will change through character decisions and interactions and it remains to be seen into what kind of country Kowarik will turn.

    Funds can also be put into buildings to increase their progress.

    You do not need to read or understand this and can just RP normally. This section is just here for people that want to keep an eye on the country's development.




    Government funds: 3

    (This number is just a general one to represent funds and not a currency)


    Capital size: Small town


    Overall economy: Weak

    - Trading income: +---------

    - Production income: +---------

    - Tax income: +---------

    - Tariffs: No colonies yet

    - Tourism: No tourists yet


    Overall military strength: Weak

    - Offense: +---------

    - Defense: +---------

    - Army morale: +---------

    - Defiant -----|----- Loyal

    - Brutal -----|----- Professional


    Overall navy strength: Weak

    - Offense: +---------

    - Defense: +---------

    - Navy morale: +---------

    - Defiant -----|----- Loyal

    - Aggressive -----|----- Careful


    Overall espionage strength: Non-existant

    - Espionage: No espionage department present

    - Counter-espionage: No espionage department present



    - Order -----|+++-- Freedom

    - Division -----|+++-- Unity [because of the recently won revolution and will decrease over time]



    - Education: +---------

    - Healthcare: +---------

    - Prosperity: +---------

    - Infrastructure: +---------


    - High tech: ----------

    - Military technology: ----------

    - Essence science: ----------

    - Natural science (Physics, chemistry, and biology): ----------



    - Lower class: Unrest -----|----- Satisfaction

    - Middle class: Unrest ----+|----- Satisfaction

    - Upper class: Not enough of them there to be of importance


    Criminality: ++++++----


    Political ideology


    The political identity of Kowarik is mostly shaped by votes and what characters and factions are present. This has a great influence on how others can see the country and what the values of the population are. Ideologies often have factions, their power depends on which ideology is favored.


    Authoritarian -----|+++-- Libertarian (Bonus on 'Freedom', increases 'Criminality')


    Elitism -----|----- Egalitarian


    Collectivism -----|----- Individualism


    Pacifism -----|----- Militarism


    Non-Eophrim hatred -----|----- Non-Eophrim acceptance


    Traditional -----|----- Modern


    Essence exploitation -----|----- Essence preservation


    Power of factions


    This section displays how much power certain factions have which can further shape the country. However, one faction having too much power could backfire. Political ideologies have their own factions not displayed here.

    Can also include the influence of international factions that decided to meddle with Kowarik.

    Some factions might not like each other.


    Nothing here yet




    Kowarik's relationship with other countries and most matters regarding global politics.


    Diplomatic reputation: Irrelevant

    - Cruel -----|----- Benevolent

    - Cowardly -----|----- Honorable

    - Greedy -----|----- Generous

    - Isolation -----|----- Globalization

    - Infamy -----|----- Fame

    - Aggression: ----------


    - Zargarik

    Hostile -++++|----- Friendly


    - Arlgarik

    Hostile -----|----- Friendly


    - Irlikgrad

    Hostile -----|----- Friendly


    - Larnik

    Hostile -----|+---- Friendly


    Edited by Gota

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