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    This entry deals with things that can potentially be added to the capital or might even be of a grander scale. Most of them use up government funds so choosing one has to be done carefully. If players warrant it, a vote can be held to decide on which project should be realized or if a project, if there are no other options, should happen.

    Certain characters being around could unlock more options.




    Build an airship port

    Could count as a small district but is more of a big building. This will make traveling between Kowarik cities much easier and increase the mobility of the people while also increasing trade power. Building it will move us closer to globalization and increase infrastructure.

    Not available right now, requires pilots, infrastructure 3 or globalization 2 or higher


    Build a state prison

    Building a big prison will definitely take a load off the guard's shoulders and also be a good way to deter people from committing crimes, at least some of them. Finishing it will decrease criminality but move us closer to authoritarian.

    Not available right now, needs to make a vote on how to handle criminals


    Build a state hospital

    An important building for any city. There are clinics here and there and a small hospital but not a big state one. Building it will increase healthcare.

    Cost: 5


    Build a hunting camp

    This building is built a bit outside the city and is the place where hunters organize themselves. It enables them to go on hunts to help sustain the city or even to acquire trading goods like fur and animal and monster materials. The higher its rank is, the stronger the beings they can fight to gain rarer material.

    Cost: 2

    Available because of the presence of (a) hunter/s


    Build a restaurant

    There are a few diners and small eateries around but not a big, actual restaurant. Building one could help to attract cooks that can work together to come up with new dishes. And who knows, maybe upgrading it enough will allow them to define Kowarik's cuisine to help give it a new identity.

    Cost: 1

    Available because of the presence of (a) cook/s


    Build a mercenary camp

    A place where mercenaries hang around and offer their services to the government and various other people. They do almost anything as long as you can pay them although the first phase is just a small camp and nothing too big. Building this will make it possible for the government to use mercenaries in conflicts but it will make the standing army more defiant because they feel underused.

    Cost: 1 (cannot be paid by the government and has to be gathered by the mercenaries themselves via a task that specifies this)

    Available because of mercenaries




    Restore the industrial district

    The industrial district was destroyed in the revolutionary war and needs to be restored. This could help the country's production but the space could also be used for something else. Building it will give the industrialist faction more power or create it.

    Cost: 4


    Build a campus district

    This district could increase our education, maybe we could even build a university, and also serve as a good base for science faculties. Building this district will increase education.

    Cost: 8


    Build a cultural district

    A district for the fine arts and anything cultural, so you could build museums, theatres, art galleries, and more there. Building it will increase Unity.

    Cost: 8


    Build a holy site

    A district for religious purposes that brings people together and can be used to build holy places like churches. Building this district will give the spiritualist faction more power or create it.

    Cost: 8


    Residential area for the upper class

    Another residential area that is used for the upper class, most notably the rich and famous. Building this will increase their happiness and reduce the chance that they get into trouble with other social classes.

    Not available right now, needs a more numerous upper class


    Build slums

    Another residential area that is used for the lower class, like the poor and unemployed. This will decrease their happiness since they will feel like they are treated like lesser people but it will increase the happiness of the middle class and reduce the chance that they get into trouble with other social classes.

    Cost: 5


    Expand the rural area

    Meshaven already has some agriculture but it is still not that big. Building this will heavily benefit the agricultural sector and is a good way to make Meshaven more independent. This will allow big farms and ranches to be built.

    Cost: 8


    Build a military district

    There might be a military base already but that is just one building. This, however, would heavily increase the military sector and the military base would be included in this area. It would allow for other military buildings, like a fortress, a raiding camp, and more. Building this district will definitely move us closer to militarism and away from pacifism.

    Not available right now, need to increase the military base's rank to 3 first or increase militarism to 2



    A secret district that would not be known to the public eye and most likely house most of the criminal underworld, including a secret little red light district and other places for those that want to enjoy themselves outside the public eye. Will allow criminal buildings to be built once finished.
    Building this will heavily increase criminality but also increase trading and production income (the production bonus will be lost if Non-Eophrim slavery becomes illegal)

    Cost: 4 funds [2 left]

    State funds cannot be used since this is not an official project. They will have to be gathered with tasks

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