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      - Ships from other countries dock here while Kowarik ships leave for other countries - and it is usually the place foreigners visit first.

      - Has enough living space for marines and sailors.

      - Small pubs here and there.

      - The navy has its base here and its fortifications are linked to the harbor's rank. There are barely any right now, however.

      - Below average trading capacities with other countries.

      - Kowarik is currently not able to participate in colonization.

    The port district of the capital and its most important gate to the rest of the world, especially since Iknard is an island landmass. As such, the harbor is important and most foreigners usually start here if they first step foot into the country. This is also where most trading happens and it harbors part of the national navy. This means the harbor is also used to defend the capital against naval attacks.

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