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  • Breakthrough spread

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    This database tracks the spread of completed breakthroughs, so you can see which countries have access to them.


    1. Military technology

      Breakthroughs that are part of military technology. As the name suggests, these breakthroughs are about new military technologies that could revolutionize the battlefield and how wars are fought.
      • No entries here yet
    2. Essence sciences

      These breakthroughs are part of a rather broad science and everything about it has to do with the Essence in one way or another, no matter if it about Essence Beings, Cores, Essence powers or anything else. Can also lead to joint breakthroughs with other sciences sometimes.
      • No entries here yet
    3. Engineering

      Another broad field of science that includes areas such as architecture, machineries, complex constructs and so on.
      • No entries here yet
    4. High tech

      State of the art technology - most of it involves digital technology and Essence devices since Horhsalians do not have electronics. The Datanet and TF are part of this, for example.
      • No entries here yet
    5. Medicine

      The science about healing and curing diseases and other pains. Breakthroughs in this field are often about new medicines or surgical techniques since they are still lacking compared to Earth.
      • No entries here yet
    6. Dangerous research

      Research that is risky and might be unethical but still not illegal (at least in some countries). Technologies of this field of science are often about sacrificing something to get something else and involve experiments on people, monsters, animals, Essence Beings, and Non-Eophrims.
      • No entries here yet
    7. Illegal research

      Forbidden research that is not tolerated by almost any country. This research is not only unethical but also seen as vile, depeding on the project. An example would be research involving Tainted Cores.
      • No entries here yet
    8. Physics

      A science about the world and how it works - which is extremely broad and can involve areas such as aerodynamics and astronomy.
      • No entries here yet
    9. Biology

      The science dealing with life in its endless different shapes and sizes. It mostly involves nature, various creatures, and how certain biological entities function. Also includes bioenergy technologies.
      • No entries here yet
    10. Chemistry

      A science about elements and compounds and the successor to alchemy (which was popular in the Age of Construction) although there are still people that use it like alchemy since Horhsalian laboratories are not as advanced as Earth ones.
      • No entries here yet
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