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  • Zargarik is still recovering after losing most of its lands in a revolution. It is said that their government is reforming.
  • The Etingnean Empire got a new ruler after the old Emperor retired. Empress Estal's coronation ceremony will begin in a few days.
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    Snooflers are smallish creatures most resembling a mixture of earthly sheep and rabbits. They are nimble but carry a cloud-like coating of white or pastel curls. As they are socially sensible, benevolent and herbivorous beings they use it mostly to warm each other or in order to escape/confuse predators. While they were hidden to Post-Eophrims for a considerable amount of time, snooflers have become very popular pets all across Horhsal during the last few decades.
  2. Slightly caught off-guard by her words, she could not help but look at the young empress with that warm smile of hers. "I assure you I don't plan on leaving your side, no matter what times we have to face." Not to mention she was glad the odds were on their side so they could be like this. Though her words clearly were directed to Estal some of the other maidens nodded in agreement cheerfully. Upon hearing her companion's concern, Pathrea tried to ease her mind. "We know our positions, both the Guardians and us servants." However, when the young woman's hair became the center of attention (even though it always was, clearly, there was no way it could be ignored) she agreed firmly. "Not to mention that hair is very rewarding to work with." Yet she heard the sorrow in Estal's voice. "Well, yes, seeing as they are so very protective", she mentioned, "they might just step on your hair themselves and engage in a spat with their very own people. Don't get the wrong idea, their high standing doesn't come from nothing, I know whereof I speak, and I respect them, still.." Hardly was Pathrea able to ignore their agitation, not to mention the source and the possible outcomes.
  3. "Now there, we all are in a whimsy some times. But that's right. And you've got the spirit, that's for sure, it's how you got to this very point in your life." Bringing her companion's hair back to its usual decency strand by strand, she felt reminded of her past, her efforts, her failures. "I seem so wise all the time, don't I?" she seemed to tell herself more than anyone else, mildly chuckling about it. To the young woman's inquiry she responded "Indeed. And, well, as stubborn as it might be, I seem to have tamed it to it's former grace." Arranging her utensils, brushes, combs, hairpins, all those things it needed, she could not help but chuckle a bit about Estal's hair this morning despite having seen it so many times.
  4. Pathrea - hardly swayed by the rush of her collegues - went to pause in the midst of her otherwise fluent movements. As she turned to face Estal, smiling warmly she replied "You are no one less than his very daughter, there could be no better replacement. I am convinced that, even in case they are not as enthusiastic as me, surely they harbor faith in you and your ability to be a ruler worth their trust. And so should you, in response, have faith in yourself and your people likewise."

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