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  • Zargarik is still recovering after losing most of its lands in a revolution. It is said that their government is reforming.
  • The Etingnean Empire got a new ruler after the old Emperor retired. Empress Estal's coronation ceremony will begin in a few days.
  • Recruiting: Courier Champion is looking for more journalists to join their team! Contact miss Aravis for more information.


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  1. Essence Weapons in the Age of Construction Developed during the 37. century, Essence Weapons would change how weapons were going to be used significantly. Invention Essence Weapons were invented shortly after people figured out how to use Essence Energy for experiments properly. They could use Affinities long before it but they still did not know much about Essence Energy and could not use it with technology. This changed shortly after the beginning of the second half of the Age of Construction when the practical use of Essence Cores spread around the world, heavily influencing various sciences, such as military research. It did not take them long to try to use Essence Energy with weapons, giving birth to the first prototypes of Essence Weapons. Prototypes These were rather unstable and too hard to use for the ordinary fighter - the failure rate was also a bit too high, so the first prototypes were only used in experiments and to fuel further development - they were useless as weapons and were basically just prototype weapons in which people stuffed Essence Cores. Core refinery It took them some more years until Core refinery became a new technique that used Essence Cores. In short, a pile of weak Essence Cores from young Essence Beings, or one Core from an average one instead of multiple weak ones, was thrown together in a container and compressed by a specially designed mortar, “mashing” the core/s to receive a mass of Essence Energy that had to be contained instantly afterwards, otherwise its pure energy could have destroyed a whole laboratory. This Essence mass was used for various experiments and would later become fuel for the first Essence machines - however, it can not do the same things as raw Cores that are not refined. Core refinery became an often used process although it would later be replaced with a more efficient method that did not need Essence Cores several centuries later. However, Core refinery is still known and usable in present times. The first working Essence Weapons Core refinery was just what weapon researchers needed to make new breakthroughs. The weapons themselves were not that much stronger than usual, which was not even the point, but could actually channel the Essence Energy inside them to release more powerful attacks and to gain unique abilities by absorbing a Core to transform into a new weapon which was the whole point to them. However, only major races can use them. Using the special abilities of an Essence Weapon will deplete your weapons fuel - how much always depends on the abilities used. Leaving the labs New prototypes could actually be tested in mock battles and increased the battle power of the ones using them and you could still use them as normal weapons after their energy ran out. Researchers put a lot of time and funds into increasing their capabilities until they became practical enough to leave the labs and be used in real battles. They were designed by neutral scientists who did not care about nationality and thus spread around the whole world until almost everyone who could afford them used them. Of course, the various militaries of the world also implemented them into their arsenal and battles would change once again. The research revolving around them still continued and there were new types after some time - like Essence Artillery that used even more mass than normal weapons, which made them extremely expensive but powerful. The technology also found use outside of military research and led to the creation of dozens of Essence machines and devices, shaping the world further. Essence Weapons in the Age of Expansion Over 1000 years passed and history steered towards the Age of Expansion. Researchers gave it their all to find a way to survive on the Overflowing Continent while Essence Technology still blossomed. After they found a way - by inventing special suits - they also stumbled across something they would later call Essence Sources or just Sources. Solid Essence as new fuel An Essence Source is similar to a node from which you can mine ores but instead of ores you can gather materialized Essence Energy, called Solid Essence, from them which is different from Essence Cores. They can be found both underground and on the surface. Both Essence Cores and Solid Essence contain Essence Energy, yes, but their concentration and internal structure are completely different. The Essence Energy of Solid Essence is significantly safer and does not hold ready the danger to just “explode” if something goes wrong and you also do not need to refine it to use it (more about Solid Essence in its own entry). This discovery boosted Essence Technology immensely.
  2. Gota


    Former settlers from Lufdurus that created their own city-state after there were differing views about the Gigant that lives near the city and is basically a part of it. They have a great relationship with said Gigant and like to feed it while it, in return, protects them.
  3. Gota


    A city-state that is mostly inhabited by mercenaries and their families while there are also non-combatants living here that serve as the backbone of the city itself. They are one of the most famous mercenary organizations and often used by various different countries throughout the world.
  4. Gota


    A war vehicle that runs on tank treads that allow them to move more flexible than cannons. They are heavily armored and posses strong firepower although Horhsalian infantry units can actually take out tanks, like with piercing abilities and Essence powers, so they are not as superior or dominant on the battlefield as Earth tanks although they are still useful and often manned by a small team specialists. The main usage of tanks in Horhsalian warfare is to take ranged attacks and act as frontliners, even able to absorb some cannon hits (which still deals damage to them) while firing back at the enemy. They are weak to anti-artillery units such as buster types and soldiers with large hammers and axes that can cleave/smash through the defenses of a tank. There are various types that have different weight classes, like light and heavy tanks.
  5. There is already some information in the guide for other, optional content, so you should look there first. This one goes a bit more into detail. The first thing you should decide when you want to play a country is what kind of country and ruler you want to play. A powerful monarch, the president of a democracy who is reliant on the people, a high priest of a theocracy or maybe even a dictator of a military autocracy? The possibilities are endless, however, you should consider the pros and cons of different governments. Government types Diplomacy Prestige and ambitions Colonization Great powers and empires or rather: centralization vs. decentralization Wars and Aggression Wars are still a sadly important part of Horhsalian politics, no matter if between two unimportant tiny countries or two powerful world powers - or even more than just two participants. They are your main method to conquer new lands and exert your influence over others. However, you cannot just declare a war on anyone just because you feel like it. Well, you could but that would have repercussions. If you want to declare a war on someone you need a reason for war first. By the way, there is always a temporary truce after a war so that a country does not just repeatedly declare wars on the same country. Breaking this truce generates massive amounts of Aggression. Reasons for war Aggression
  6. Gota

    Choosing a project #1

    The funds when this vote was created were at 3.
  7. Possible skin color: Normal colors Possible eye colors: All except white and black. Their eyes have a light glow to them and their eyeball is black instead of white. Possible hair colors: All Unique features: Just like Atmogis, their cheeks have a different color from the rest of their skin. However, while Atmogis have a different skin tone, Simulgis have it either be completely white or black. It is black for light-skinned and white for dark-skinned people. They also have the same color around their eyes in a circle. They have the same ears as Atmogis but without the different color of the inner ear. Atmogis and Simulgis are even closer related to each other than to other major races.
  8. Gota

    The prisoner question

    Another vote that deals with criminals and how convicted ones should be treated. This does not deal with the highest penalty yet which will be a subject for another dy.
  9. Gota

    Dealing with Zargarik

    The first vote of Kowarik which deals with how they should handle the situation around Zargarik, the dictatorship they split off from after a long revolutionary war.
  10. Courier Champion is a news agency that is always looking for the next big scoop, supplying the people with whatever is going on in the world right now. Their main office can be found in the commercial district and their boss is Sefi Aravis. Their journalists can tend to be reckless but most of them are honest people that avoid over sensational texts or rumors that are not true. Aravis stands for the truth and nothing but the truth, so she expects the same from her employees.
  11. A place to forget your worries and to have a good time, either alone or with friends. Sadly, there is not much here and it is not too big right now.
  12. The place where the capital's industrial buildings could be found. However, it got destroyed during the revolutionary war and there has not been made a decision to restore it yet.
  13. Gota


    The port district of the capital and its most important gate to the rest of the world, especially since Iknard is an island landmass. As such, the harbor is important and most foreigners usually start here if they first step foot into the country. This is also where most trading happens and it harbors part of the national navy. This means the harbor is also used to defend the capital against naval attacks.
  14. The economic heart of the capital and where most shops and businesses can be found. You can buy most things that you might need here but the variety of wares and services usually depends on the current rank. The higher it is, the more buildings, shops, and wares can be found here.

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