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  • The Etingnean Empire got a new ruler after the old Emperor retired. Empress Estal's coronation ceremony will begin in a few days.
  • Medicence is planning to reveal a new medicine at their next exhibition.
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  1. There are rumors about a criminal organization that has started to do trafficking within the Etingnean Empire, most notably in port cities but also inland. A few of them might even be in the capital, trying to expand their illegal business. It is not exactly known what they traffick but it cannot be anything good. It is time to put a stop to them.
  2. A hunter is currently looking for support for a dangerous hunt. The being he is trying to hunt can be found in the no-man's-land of Zufey and is told to be a fearsome creature. The hunter said he wouldn't specify what it is until someone accompanies him there because he doesn't want others to steal his prey. Whatever this creature is, it should pose formidable.
  3. Gota


    A TF host from Jerhuk has a dire problem - some of her talkshow guests got injured and had to cancel their appearance on her show. As you can guess, she is in quite the jiffy now and has to look for a replacement and she is desperate enough to just pick anyone. What the show is about? She didn't say that yet...
  4. Gota


    A bishop from Krondax has to deal with troublesome individuals. Heretics that do not follow the One Beyond and instead worship the Essence as a deity. They are most likely from Quistas or learned about their cult in other ways. The situation is that the bishop needs help to deal with the heretics. He doesn't care how as long as it gets done.
  5. A trade company that ships wares from the Etingnean Empire to the Culm Ocean often has to deal with annoying pirates that attack their ships. They appear and then quickly attack before disappearing again. The Etingnean marine is too busy hunting Culm pirates and does not see much of a threat in regular pirates. As such, the trade company is willing to pay anyone who can help them defend their ships or/and get rid of the pirates.
  6. A village in the eastern portion of the Etingnean Empire is currently under attack by a horde of slimes. They attack periodically and always end up destroying some property, hurting civilians or killing cattle. The village militia is completely overworked and cannot deal with the horde of slimes appropriately which is why the village is now looking for help to put an end to the sticky menace.
  7. A biologist and social researcher is highly interested in primitive Non-Eophrims, most of all Lanfreets and he has taken it upon himself to take one with him to the capital, studying its behavior while trying to find out if it is actually possible to educate a Lanfreet. This, however, turned out to be more troublesome than he thought and he is now looking for help to keep track of the little guy.

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