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  • The Etingnean Empire got a new ruler after the old Emperor retired. Empress Estal's coronation ceremony will begin in a few days.
  • Medicence is planning to reveal a new medicine at their next exhibition.
  • Tensions between Darcden and Jaymazra are on the rise since Jaymazra is still in the posession of Bauleurian land that does not belong to them. Could this lead to a major conflict in the future?
  • A Tainted Core smuggler incident in Xenxin showed how bad their security is. The government is still trying to cover everything up.
  • The world-famous explorer Walldos challenged adventurers and explorers all around the world to reach the end of the Culm Ocean first. Will we finally learn what can be found there?
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  1. Estal was so wary of her hair because of a reason. There was someone who accidentally stepped on it and almost got sent to the imperial tribunal if she had not intervened and said it was fine. Since then, people try to stay a bit away from her when behind her as to not step on it. Estal still smiled, however. "All this talk about my hair is kind of... funny. It feels like something regular women would talk about. You know, women that are friends and spend time together, maybe even go to the city and eat somewhere. Too bad I cannot do that, everyone would lose their mind." She sighed again. Don't get her wrong, she liked being the Empress and fulfilling her family's duty of rulership but there are a few times she wished she could do "normal" things once in a while. Not even daily, just here and then. Spending almost all of her time in the manor and palace could get a bit restrictive after a while, and there are duties here and duties there. It sure was not easy to lead an empire even if most regions were ruled by governors and there was the Senate to help out. Speaking of which, Estal thought that she should probably get more in touch with the current Senate and learn more about its members. After the coronation would be a good time for a meeting with the Senate. Estal's hair was finally in check after a while and the servants that helped out were pretty proud of themselves - the beast was tamed once again. "It's so pretty.", one of the maidens said while the other one nodded again. "Alright, I feel like we are good to go now. The ball is held at Vanderbrant's place, correct?" Estal asked to be completely sure. The Vanderbrants were not the highest standing noble family in Etingnun but they were still famous and branches all over the world, their main one living in Drufalga. Having Drufalgian nobles here, even though this branch has lived here for generations, was interesting and helped to keep amicable relations with the great power even though the Empire and Drufalga were just acquaintances and not actual friends but it was better than being completely neutral.
  2. Gota


    The Arjarc are a somewhat barbarian people and do not have a complete government. There are a few leaders, mostly generals, but there is no entity that could be called the country's government. Instead, most areas are ruled by a Chieftain that has absolute control over their area, meaning that the country is split up into different clans that each hold autonomy. However, they can still work together to fend off outside threads or to invade others. Still, most of the time most clans are in conflict with each other - which are rarely personal and mostly because of resources and land - although there are alliances and friendships between a few of them. Fending off an outside threat always temporarily unites all of them. They are seen as a "horde" by outsiders, not only because of how chaotic their troops are scrambled together but also because they like to invade lands and coasts of other countries without declaring a war on them, only doing it to plunder food and resources. The deprived countries still hate them for it and often try to strike back. The Arjarc are troublemakers but rarely attack others because of a devious intent. One of their main targets and something of a historical rival is Lufdurus, especially because they can directly invade them without the need to board ships. They never invade Darcden because they know that a great power would annihilate them if provoked directly. The rise of Darcden has made them more and more careful in general because they do not want to get into trouble with them. It remains to be seen if these barbarians can continue to live as they did until now.
  3. The Faceshifter is an infamous criminal most regular people do not know about since Etingnun's law enforcement wants to keep his or her existence secret. The Faceshifter is known to be a troublemaker and shows clear devious intent towards the Empire which is why officials think it might be a rebel, traitor or someone from an enemy country. The problem is that the Faceshifter always changes his or her appearance, hence the name, and nobody knows the shifter's real looks. This makes it troublesome to even get near him or her. Nobody even knows if it is a man or woman. Some old crimes the Faceshifter committed are: destruction of imperial property, attacks towards imperial officials, theft of valuables and documents, sabotage, threats directed at Senators, disruption of civil order and other heinous acts towards Etingnun. A dangerous individual that needs to be apprehended quickly. (However, even the Faceshifter would not dare to attack someone like a Champion of Etingnun or the Empress, that would be a death wish for him or her). The shifter seems to have become even cockier recently because he/she sent a letter to the director of the Imperial Academy stating that the Faceshifter would secretly join the ranks of the students and do "something big" at the end of the next semester or year. As you can guess, the director expects the worst and instantly asked for help from the imperial palace. The Senate did not lose any time and sent a few members of the Order of the Essence that would secretly join the ranks of the students as well and act undercover to discover the Faceshifter while trying to avoid students being drawn into the whole situation (which will probably happen anyway). Their race against time to catch the infamous criminal had begun.
  4. Only two more months until Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

  5. Yes, she got to this point in life because she was better than her siblings, at least when it came to Essence affinity and her Aptitude and such things which were the usual criteria for a successor, not the order of birth. She was an excellent Supplicant, something she was proud of but she started to digress in her mind again. Estal smiled again when she heard Pathrea talking to herself. She really was the big sister type of servant and her family had close ties to Estal's, like how her father was a butler of the former Emperor - and still is. Estal started to wonder if they would ever have gotten along like this - or even know each other - if she was not the successor to the imperial throne but one of her siblings. Probably not, so she was glad things went this way. "You sure are. I will need that clear-headedness in the future as well. Oh, and please get along with the 'Guardians' even though they are a bit different from you servants." Having a whole group of Aptitude masters solely exist to protect her was both comforting and strange at the same time. It made her feel safer but, on the other hand, also feel like she was a target because their existence meant they were needed. She heard some scary stories about people that tried to go after her father (but never succeeded because most of them were felled by the Guardians or Pathrea's father). Back to her hair, Estal was impressed by it herself sometimes - it was SO long and complex and probably only existed that way because she was a Floraph. She never envied the servants that had to keep it in check and comb through and wash it. "Yes, it is absolutely gorgeous! I do not think there has ever been a Monetiaga with hair like this.", one of the other servants said while looking pleased with herself. She seemed earnest. The other servant next to her nodded along. "It can be quite the hassle sometimes but I am too proud of it to ever cut it. I just hope nobody will step on it... I do not want the guards to overreact and sentence someone for treason or something along the lines. Most of them tend to be so overprotective sometimes." She sighed. The Loyalists were especially meddling and would probably do a lot more if they could, so this was one of these matters where she was glad to have absolute power within the country.
  6. Estal returned the smile and carefully listened to Pathrea. She always knew exactly what to say and do - the best handmaiden Estal could imagine. Maybe she really should have some more trust in her people to not go crazy because of a change like that, they should be used to a change in rulership. Kings, queens, Emperors, Empresses, presidents, chairmen, and other rulers come and go. "You are right. I apologize for being so whimsical. I should show some more strength since I am the Empress of Etingnun, after all. If I do not show authority others might think they can use me for their schemes and I do not want that. Father passed this on to me, so I will do him proud.", she said, trying to encourage herself. She already considered the possibility that some of the Senators might want to use this situation to gain more power just because she was young. "I should probably enjoy today as good as I can, now that I think about it. Is my hair in place now?" Being invited to a ball by the Vanderbrant family to meet some nobles was not that bad. Granted, nobles could be really annoying sometimes but not all of them were, especially those with an actually noble nature.
  7. Gota

    Old acquaintances

    Falzaar left to get back home while Blazolt stayed a little bit longer, mostly to not make things awkward by going part of the same way home - he didn't like that after you already said your goodbyes to someone. "Might as well grab something to drink while I'm here.", he murmured and left for a bar. He saw a few acquaintances, had a good time and then went back home. Sadly, that was one of his last free days since the semester vacations were almost over and his work would begin soon. Being an instructor was tough, especially with new students who had to be whipped into shape first. And he had to make clear who was boss, of course. He was wondering what the next batch of new students would be like before getting to some paperwork he had to prepare.
  8. I was able to interview a truly fascinating person named Kireoki. She is a warrior of the Nezordu clan from Gyondou, a country many of you probably do not know much about. Here is the interview: Sefi: Thank you so much for your time and your willingness to participate in this interview! Say, what is your full name? Kireoki: Gladly, it is the least I can do after what we went through together. And my full name is Kireoki, 27. family of the Nezordu clan. S: That's an unusual full name. Wouldn't something like Kireoki Nezordu make more sense? K: No, you see, this is how we name people in our country. You have the first name, followed by the number that their family has within the clan. Of course, my clan is like a second family but we are not related by blood. To avoid confusion, every blood-related family has a number to see who is related to whom. S: Oh, I see now. That's actually fascinating. So, is 27 a low or high number? K: The number does not actually mean much when it comes to hierarchy, maybe if a family has 1, 2 or 3, all numbers after that are not of much importance. But, to answer your question, it is a medium number. it would be a low number in other clans but the Nezordu clan's cities usually have a lower population than other clan's. S: Talking about clans, what can you tell us about them? K: I feel like that would be a bit much for one interview but I will try. You see, most people in Gyondou belong to a clan, or rather their family does. There are 8 clans that all have different ideologies and mindsets and together they form Gyondou. We may be in conflict once per generation but we need each other. My clan is the Nezordu clan, a highly secretive one that focuses on espionage and stealth operations. We are so well hidden that nobody knows our cities' names and locations. S: Huh, amazing. Are you allowed to talk about this? K: Of course, I did not tell you anything of high importance. S: So, why did you become a warrior instead of something more secretive? K: Every clan needs its warriors, even the Nezordu. We may not have many warriors but people like me are still needed in the case that we have to face others in combat. S: You said something about a conflict once per generation. K: Indeed, the Devotion War. Our country is highly religious and believes in the Cave Mother. We also believe that said Cave Mother has an avatar on our world that is always of the same bloodline. We call this person, which is always female, the Heiress of the Cave Mother. The male clan leader or his son that devotes himself to the current Heiress of the Cave Mother will be the one to rule our country until the next Heiress of the Cave Mother, their daughter, is old enough to be devoted. Then, a Devotion War happens and the winning clan will be able to have someone devote himself to her. This does not even need to be the clan leader or his son but can be anybody from that clan, especially if the same clan wins two times in a row. We are absolutely against incest which is another reason for the family numbers. S: You have a really interesting culture. I wish it would be easier to visit your country but I heard the currently ruling clan isn't too fond of foreigners which is a reason why not many people of this generation know about you. K: It is true that the Kazazura clan is not the most friendly one towards foreigners but they do not completely keep them out of the country, so if you are fine with heavy regulations and being watched by the guards you can still visit us. Or you wait until the next Devotion War is over and hope that someone else wins, preferably the Nezordu. [She laughed after that.] S: Er, I'll pass for now. How would the Nezordu rule? K: We do not really care about rulership which is why we would not impose authority other the other clans but rather have them rule themselves. Basically a free clans situation. S: That's almost democratic but not quite, I think. Anyway, I will be rooting for you. How old is the current Heiress and what will you do if the next Devotion War happens. K: She's almost old enough, so the next Devotion War should happen soon. And I will return home to fight for the Nezordu, of course. S: Ever the brave warrior, I see. How lethal are the Devotion Wars? Like, are they just friendly fights? K: Sadly not. They are like a real war with casualties but we try to not hold grudges against other clans. S: Damn, that sounds rough. I hope you won't fall, then. Oh yeah, one more question. What is living in a Nezordu city like? If you can answer that. K: Thank you, I will try my best. And let me think for a second... It is actually more fun than you might think. Our training already starts when we are children but it is done in a playful way. You could say the training was similar to games of which we have a lot. After growing to teenage years it becomes a bit rougher but we are used to it by then. Life itself is really peaceful since we do not have to worry about members from other clans causing trouble. The old can grow old and children play on the streets. There is no technology, however, so I never even heard about things like TFs and mobile frames before leaving the country. It was a cultural shock. S: Yeah, almost sounds like a completely different age. I don't think I could live there. Anyway, thanks so much for your time and all the answers! Your home sounds like an amazing place and I really hope that Gyondou will be led by a more foreigner-friendly clan after the next Devotion War, so that our readers can visit Gyondou themselves. K: My pleasure. I feel the same and would like to see more foreigners in our country. We can learn a lot from you. After that, the interview ended. I hope you found it as interesting as I did and are thinking about visiting Gyondou if they get a more open-minded clan in the future.
  9. Xenxin, a country that many - myself included - love for its hospitality, is, sadly, not completely without fault, especially when it comes to law enforcement and dealing with illegal activities. This article's purpose is not to attack Xenxin but rather to report on something that happened while I was there. I was in Xenxin for a vacation when I saw someone who looked like a Gyondouran warrior - with whom I was able to have an interview that I will post after this article. I tried asking people if they had seen her but one highly suspicious man confused me for an accomplice of hers. It turned out that he was with a group of Essence Core smugglers that wanted to rob her because she is an Essence Core hunter. When that rude man did not let go of me the Gyondouran warrior herself showed up to teach him a lesson. There was also another Core hunter but he wasn't the most trustworthy person, for a reason. After we were able to locate their hideout, we had to witness a horrible scene - one of the smugglers turned into a Tainted Essence Being and killed all of his partners. The brave warrior decided to engage the creature while the hunter and I were trying to find help. We quickly found someone who is part of the Purifiers of the Essence and I was able to prove my doubts about the other Core hunter. He was in illegal possession of a Tainted Essence Core and the Purifiers took him in before I led their leader towards the smuggler's hideout. She and the warrior were able to defeat the Tainted Essence Being and we were able to pull the curtain over the whole incident. By the way, their hideout was under the bridge that connects Shazan with Bauleura. Please, Xenxin government, try to keep an eye out for smugglers and please, Xenxin people, do not just look away when someone looks like they are in trouble. Your friendliness should not stop you from engaging troublemakers. I hope this article and the whole situation will get some people thinking.
  10. A treaty that was signed by most countries around the world - even though there is no world-government or international political union like the UNO - that forbids all countries that signed it from using Post-Eophrims as slaves (not counting Non-Eophrims who are still eligible). It was signed near the end of the Age of Construction, around 5095 AEE, and is, nowadays, seen as a bridge to the Age of Expansion. Not all countries signed it but most of them follow its rules, anyway. The treaty was highly effective in the abolishment of Post-Eophrim slavery which is seen as primitive and barbaric since you enslave your own kin and actual people. However, there are still a few countries here and there that did not get rid of it and ignore the treaty - often doing it in secret in the form of a black market since countries that ignore the treaty are seen with disgust and not exactly popular. There are also those countries that only follow it because they can just use Non-Eophrim slaves instead.
  11. Gota


    Confederations can best be described as a great alliance between multiple countries instead of between just two. Normal alliances usually work in a way that you can have alliances with multiple countries but these countries do not have to like each other - you could even be allied to two countries that are enemies. A confederation, on the other hand, has all member countries enter a mutual alliance that can differ from confederation to confederation, like a defensive only one or one where the others also join attack wars. A confederation basically means that multiple autonomous countries - that still keep their independence and are still their own countries - create a political "group", league or whatever you want to call it. This brings all member countries much closer together and often comes with favorable trade agreements, completely open borders, sharing of research progress, financial and societal support, and other ways to work together. Confederations are a great way for smaller countries to survive against bigger ones, especially great powers and empires. The number of member countries can differ but a confederation usually needs at least 3 members to exist. The smaller the countries the more members they usually try to find to make up for their size. However, there are still countries that would never join a confederation because they are too proud/independent, isolationistic or for other reasons. Great powers and empires usually avoid joining one as well and most confederations do not want them as members anyway since there is a danger that they could put too much pressure on the others because of their power and size. Plus, a confederation with a great power would most likely draw the attention of other great powers and empires and make them wary. This is why great powers and empires are fine with regular alliances. A confederation can disband if too many member states have a falling out or if the confederation gets crushed and separated by force. Being in a confederation does not necessarily mean that the others will join all wars although they always come to your aid if it is a defensive war. However, if a confederation member joins a war as an ally and not the main war target they will rarely be able to call in their confederation members since it is completely up to them and most countries would not like to help a country just because one of the other members is helping them (the exception being if they like that country as well).
  12. Great powers, empires, and colonial powers are all quite similar and describe nations that are much more powerful than others and expand in different ways, either by conquest, diplomatic annexation or - which is the usual way for colonial powers - colonization. However, there are some differences between them, in Horhsal at least which can differ from Earth's terminology. A great power is a big country with a powerful military and economy that possesses global influence, at least most of them, and is so powerful that only confederations and other great powers and empires can become dangerous for them. Great powers and empires are almost the same so it can be hard to tell if a huge country should be considered a great power or empire. In Horhsal, great powers usually do not divide their country into different almost autonomous regions but rather have the government rule over all the country, not relying on governors or other substitute rulers (except mayors and other politicians). Monarchies, democracies, oligarchies, and even theocracies can all become great powers although most huge monarchies tend to become empires instead. An empire, on the other hand, often has a capital region that is the heart of the empire and where the ruler lives while there are a lot of different regions - most of these still keep their name even after being conquered - that have governors or other substitute rulers that have some autonomy but are still part of the empire. All of these states together make up the empire and the ruler is usually called Emperor/Empress, even if it is a democracy. An empire thrives by integrating conquered cultures into their realm and making the people of conquered countries into citizens over time although a great or colonial power can do the same. A colonial power does not have to be huge and strong but rather has a great number of colonies, mostly in the Culm Ocean. Colonial powers are those nations that have the most influence there, making a lot of money from all the new goods that flow back to their home country. A colonial power could be regularly sized back on the home continent and still be considered a colonial power if they have a lot of colonies. They often fight other colonial powers but some of them are on good terms and trade instead. By the way, colonial powers are not the only ones that colonize. Great powers, empires, and regular countries can colonize the Culm Ocean as well but not all of them do so. All three types count as powerful countries and are usually superior to normal ones which is why they rarely want to join confederations because they do not want to be involved in the wars of "small fry".
  13. Gota

    Post-Eophrims and Non-Eophrims

    Post-Eophrims and Non-Eophrims have a complicated relationship ever since the Age of Foundation. While Non-Eophrims stayed stagnant and did not progress at all, Post-Eophrims always found new ways to advance, both technologically and culturally. Since Post-Eophrims always expand and look for new lands to settle on there were often clashes with Non-Eophrims living in the area, especially if they were territorial. At first, most Non-Eophrims were able to successfully defend their homes because of their natural abilities and knowledge of the area but with time Post-Eophrims progressed further and further and became so advanced that they could easily wipe out Non-Eophrims that stood in their way. This was when their relationship became complicated since there were a lot of power-hungry people in history that did not care about the lives of other creatures and had no trouble driving away or killing Non-Eophrims to take their lands or even to enslave them. That mindset stuck with them for a long time and was especially prominent during the Age of Construction where Non-Eophrim enslavement became a common thing in a lot of countries. Of course, there have always been a lot of people that like Non-Eophrims and want to peacefully live with or study them but the majority of people back then were not so nice and racism against Non-Eophrims was normal. Even Non-Eophrims that formerly lived near cities and did not fear Post-Eophrims but rather wanted to live in peace with them migrated away to find secluded areas they could live in because of the Post-Eophrim menace although there were still a lot of Non-Eophrim settlements that had good relations with the cities near them. Things became worse with the colonization of the Culm Ocean because of how ruthless most colonial powers were and are. They tried to make Non-Eophrim subjugation appear normal so that they could easily colonize islands while ignoring, killing or enslaving the Non-Eophrims living there. Not because of some mindset they had but rather for their own gains. Some Non-Eophrim supporters still think that colonialism was a horrible idea and only fueled hatred between Post-Eophrims and Non-Eophrims. However, things got a lot better after the Age of Expansion started and more and more people started to question the current situation and started to wonder if these "creatures" should be treated like people because they are humanoid as well. Still, prejudices will not just go away and it will probably take a long, long time for things to truly change - if they even do. You could say there are currently three stances people and countries have towards Non-Eophrims, or rather four if you separate the third one into two. First, you have the people that support Non-Eophrims and either want to peacefully integrate or protect them. The ones that want to protect them respect their culture and do not want to force their "advancements" on them but rather have them continue living like always while others want them to become citizens and allow them to live in cities, basically "modernizing" them. There are also those that do not meddle with them at all and just watch them from a distance. Secondly, the people that do not care about them and mostly ignore them, except if they pose a threat in which case they will strike back in self-defense. They sometimes break that neutrality if they feel like they have to, like driving a tribe away if they settle near an Essence Source that the country really wants to have. The third type are those that hate them or view them as disgusting savages. The two extremes are the ones that want to purge them - those are smaller in number, at least - and the ones that want to enslave them. There are still a lot of them around, especially in colonial powers (although there can be colonial powers that are nicer towards them), and they often clash with those that want to protect them. Post-Eophrims with this belief think that Non-Eophrims are no different from monsters and just mindless savages, no better than barbarians, so they feel like it is their task to "protect" their people from them, even if that means striking first. At least that is how some of them excuse it, others are just greedy or were educated that way. People that enslave them use them for different purposes, as house-slaves, workers or even putting them into zoos. Non-Eophrim zoos are quite popular in countries that have a negative opinion of them while they are banned in most other countries. Post-Eophrim slavery is forbidden almost everywhere so using Non-Eophrims instead is a good workaround for slavers, at least in countries where it is not banned. Hopefully, more countries will start to become more progressive and ban Non-Eophrim slavery but one can only hope. The conflict between those that want to protect and those that hate them will probably become more and more heated.
  14. Gota

    Old acquaintances

    Falzaar was actually not that bad at the game. Sure, he died a few times in the beginning but he quickly learned to utilize his character's abilities to the fullest while developing strategies for the whole group - you could see that he was a skilled general. The first boss was defeated quickly and they continued for a longer time than expected - until they eventually defeated the final boss and finished the game. "That was highly enjoyable, I must say. The developers put a lot of effort into the group dynamic and making every class useful in its own way. But I assume the game was too short for others to become really noticed, what a pity.", Falzaar said after they were done. "I dunno, man, I just play stuff. Well, I was glad we were on the same side. Didn't want to lose to you - again." Blazolt had a faint smile on his face while saying that. "That is old history but I am glad I decided not to kill you back then.", Falzaar answered. They were both over it and glad they were able to meet again as acquaintances instead of as enemies. "Oh, it is this late already? I should get back before my daughter starts to become worried." He still had some responsibilities at home and was serious about them. "Better hurry or she might bust your ass, hah.", the instructor said while laughing. Blazolt was definitely not a bad person, just a bit strange sometimes.
  15. Gota

    Overflowing Continent

    The Overflowing Continent is a special continent not like any other because there are no countries on it. In fact, Post-Eophrims were only able to step foot on it after inventing suits that protect them from extreme Essence Energy amounts in the atmosphere, otherwise they would turn into Overflow Essence Beings or, if not, there is a small chance to get infected with the Overflow Infection. The whole continent is flooded with huge amounts of Essence Energy in the atmosphere that makes it impossible for Post-Eophrims to live there without protective suits or buildings that are sheltered, like the ones where gathered Solid Essence is stored before being sent to one of the other continents. Another thing that is unusual is the absence of any animals while monsters are extremely rare. There are still plants, yes, but no animals whatsoever. Instead, the continent is populated with Essence Beings - there are much more EBs here than on any other continent - and there are also Non-Eophrims living here that are immune to Essence effects. The Non-Eophrims that live on the Overflowing Continent can not hunt animals to survive, so they are either herbivorous/agricultural, eat other humanoids or both depending on the Non-Eophrim race. The ones that eat other humanoids are aggressive and also attack Post-Eophrims.

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