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      (Those are just tribal tattoos on her shoulders, not a racial thing.)

    Possible skin color: Like humans

    Possible eye colors: All except white and black

    Possible hair colors: All

    Unique features: Homins are basically the humans of Horhsal and thus do not really have any unique features. However, they are still part of the Post-Eophrim family which makes them different from Earth-humans (Earthlings don't exist in this universe). They can use Aptitudes, Essence powers, live everywhere alongside other Post-Eophrims, and share the same history with them.
    What makes Homins different and is their unique feature is that they have "normal" teeth and not sharp, pointy ones like the other Post-Eophrims.
    (Unlike Earth-humans they can be born with unusual hair and eye colors, like blue hair, red eyes etc.)

    Edited by Gota

    Racial abilities:

    Homins do not have special racial abilities of their own but rather temporarily copy the ones of other Post-Eophrim races or even certain (not all) Non-Eophrim species which they can not do all the time or multiple times at once, of course. They can only copy one race's/species' ability and only if a member of the said race/species is close enough. How long they can copy the ability depends on the race/species.

    For example: should a Homin copy an Umbril's ability, they would only be able to transform into an animal or monster for half the time than an Umbril could. It should be noted that their abilities are always a bit weaker than the original's but their ability is still useful enough since they have more options. After copying a race's/species' ability and the effect running out, it takes a few minutes until they can copy a racial ability again (experienced and old enough Homins can reduce this time).


    Something strange to note - they do not change their looks while copying an ability, so they could use Faunarim abilities without having the needed animal parts or Gourmear/Lazulian abilities without any color changing. Should they copy an Umbril's ability, they would look like a white shadowy version of the being instead of black.


    Another ability they have is to copy weapon techniques of others but only Essence Weapon techniques (since there are not many other ones, anyway). To do this, another person has to use a technique, otherwise, the Homin cannot copy it - but the Homin does not have to be the target, at least (so if a friend gets attacked or attacks it can be used, too). A Homin can only “save” one weapon technique at a time and either has to clear or use it to save another one. The handiest thing about it is that it does not matter what weapon the Homin uses since the copied technique can be used with any. So you could use a sword technique with a bow or a firearm technique with a hammer that even has a ranged effect.


    Of course, this also has downsides - the copied technique depletes the same amount of Essence Energy of your weapon than it would normally for the person using it. Strength-based attacks, mostly melee ones, are also still dependent on your own strength and experience, so copying a strong enemy's attack could still be much weaker than his if you are not in the same league as him but - the same as with the racial ability copying: it is still useful, since you can use your own techniques and save an additional one that is different.

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