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  • General info about species


    The inhabitants of Horhsal

    Horhsal is mostly inhabited by Post-Eophrims which rule over all countries that exist since they also created them - they are the ones that have written the history of the world and shaped it to its current form. However, there are also Non-Eophrims - humanoid species that are not related to the Post-Eophrim races and also wildly different from them. An example of a Non-Eophrim would be a little furball with arms and legs and the intelligence of a humanoid creature, a really strange looking person (like someone who has a bush for a head) or even someone more normal looking, some of them can also look monstrous or outright strange.



    All Post-Eophrim races are related to each other. It is up to you if you want to call them Horhsalians or just Post-Eophrims, although Post-Eophrim is the usual word used by themselves. They are different, especially in their abilities, but have the same ancestor species from which all of them evolved. The members of this ancient species are usually called Eophrim (hence "Post"-Eophrim) and there are still some secrets surrounding them.


    The evolution of the Eophrims

    The Eophrims themselves evolved from an ancient kind of animal that had humanoid characteristics but died out eons ago (they were not apes, though). The Age of Draft was perilous, especially because of large and hazardous animals and monsters. Horhsal itself was also difficult to live on which prompted the Eophrims to evolve drastically – highly dependent on where they lived. The exact process of the evolution into the current races - meaning whether it just happened biologically or if there was another trigger - is still not entirely clear to many researchers and how these evolutions could make them so different if you compare how different a Floraph and a Gallert are from each other while both of them are closely related.


    Notes about Post-Eophrims

    There are no personality or cultural differences between Post-Eophrim races because of their mutual history which means that the place where one grew up has a higher influence on your culture and other things than race alone, nationalism is a pretty strong factor for that. Of course, there are some prejudices against certain races which can vary from place to place. (There is no racism based on skin color - Horhsalians do not care one bit about that, so it does not matter at all if you are light or dark skinned.)

    After the Eophrim downfall and after the current races came to be, as well as the first civilizations, they spread around the whole world, which is why members of all Post-Eophrim races live everywhere nowadays even when their races had different “birthplaces”. There is no country that only has members of one or a few races, all Post-Eophrims live together everywhere. It is a mystery why and how Eophrims died out – maybe they just were not fit to live on Horhsal anymore.


    Instead of having normal teeth like humans, all of them have sharp, pointy ones (a bit like sharks), the exception to this being Homins who have normal teeth. They inherited this from the Eophrims which in turn inherited it from the animal kind they evolved from. Said animals were strict carnivores and Eophrims and Post-Eophrims still kept their teeth even after they started to eat other things besides meat, like vegetables and fruits (and later on stuff like sugary things). They basically evolved from carnivores to omnivores.

    All Post-Eophrims have a specific look to their ears which is the same for every member of that race. The only exception for this are Faunarims and Floraphs because every type, even of the same subrace, has different looking ears (like a vulpine and a dog-like one). They are the most varied when it comes to this. Gallerts and Umbrils have the same type of ear.



    Post-Eophrims can reproduce with each other, not only with members of their own race but also of the other ones - like a Gallert with a Lazulian. There are no crossbreeds, though, so a Half-Lazulian Half-Gallert does not exist. If your parents are of different races there is a 50/50 chance you will either become the same race as your mother or your father. This means it would be possible that your siblings are of a different race than you.

    Post-Eophrims cannot breed with Non-Eophrims, though.



    While Post-Eophrims created huge civilizations and progressed technologically, Non-Eophrims usually stay in their own little civilizations (that are not countries). Most of them live in their own settlements, tribes or little cities outside of Post-Eophrim cities and villages, going about their own business while, most of the time, avoiding Post-Eophrims. They may not be as smart as Non-Eophrims but can still be intelligent and wise in their own ways (although there are some Non-Eophrim species that are quite stupid) since various of them can learn Post-Eophrim languages and as such learn to communicate with them - they could even learn to use their inventions if taught by Post-Eophrims.

    There are a few - usually a bit more in open-minded countries - that can be seen in cities (except in countries that openly dislike them) but these are rare and there are not only Non-Eophrims that distrust Post-Eophrims but also Post-Eophrims that dislike Non-Eophrims - some of them even seeing them as primitive savages (a small amount of them are, yes, but not all). The worst type being people that enslave Non-Eophrims.

    Another thing about Non-Eophrim species is that they are rarely related to each other, so the term "Non-Eophrim" is as broad as the term animal and is used by Post-Eophrims to make things easier for themselves. For them, any humanoid that is not a Post-Eophrim is just a mere Non-Eophrim.

    Another big difference between the two is that Post-Eophrims have high adaptability with the Essence while Non-Eophrims usually have no connection to it - which is why the Overflowing Continent is inhabited by them and they do not need any protective suits to live there. They can not use the abilities of Essence Weapons, Aptitudes and any other kind of Post-Eophrim-like Essence power but have their own racial abilities, at least.

    Unlike Post-Eophrims, you can come up with your own Non-Eophrims.

    There is also an entry in the Glossary about their relationship.

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