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    Possible skin color: Normal colors


    Possible eye colors: All except white and black. Their eyes have a light glow to them and their eyeball is black instead of white.


    Possible hair colors: All


    Unique features: Just like Atmogis, their cheeks have a different color from the rest of their skin. However, while Atmogis have a different skin tone, Simulgis have it either be completely white or black. It is black for light-skinned and white for dark-skinned people. They also have the same color around their eyes in a circle. They have the same ears as Atmogis but without the different color of the inner ear. Atmogis and Simulgis are even closer related to each other than to other major races.

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    Racial abilities:

    Simulgis have the interesting ability that they can activate as a special form of sight that allows them to see Essence energy and the flow of concentrated Essence. However, they have to activate this and it is not activated by default.

    While their special sight is active, their eyes will glow brightly and it will be harder for them to see and comprehend things that are not made of Essence or emitting it.

    What this ability can do depends on the circumstances but a few examples are:

    1. Discover people that have Essence energy inside them, like major races with Affinities or/and Essence Weapons. This is useful to discover them when they are hiding or hard to see for some reason or can be used to find Essence Beings nearby since these have a stronger flow around them.

    2. Being able to see special points within the body of someone else. Hitting these with blunt force, the best option being if you use your fists or legs, can disrupt the flow of Essence inside a person and make it harder for them to use Essence related powers for a short time.

    3. They can see changes in the Essence flow around them which also includes seeing increasing Overflow Levels of other people or an Essence Being charging up somewhere.

    4. Simulgis can still not find Essence Sources without the right devices but they have an easier time doing so if they use them. They can also see Cores that are laying around somewhere.

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