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    Possible skin color: Gallerts do not have normal skin colors and are quite colorful, although their body can only have one color which is red, blue, green, yellow, purple, pink, orange or similar colors – not black, white, grey or brown

    Possible eye colors: They can have red, blue, green, yellow, purple, pink, orange and similar eye colors (the eye color is different than the skin color in most but not all cases). Brown and grey are rare exceptions that sometimes show up but never for skin color (black and white show up as neither hair nor skin color).

    Possible hair color: The same as their possible skin colors although they can get grey hair when getting old. Their hair and skin color can have different colors (the chance for both-same-color or different colors is around 50/50).

    Unique features: The skin of Gallerts is made of a jelly-like substance although it is not actual jelly but a unique kind of skin. They are NOT slime people and therefore do neither drip nor are they sticky. They are also no rubber people, so they cannot extend their bodies and do not “bounce”. They have, like all major races, internal organs which actually change as well, should they shift forms. Their skin will not grow back, they can bleed and also have bones, although the same that was mentioned for organs applies to them. They have “earholes” instead of whole ears.

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    Racial abilities:

    Gallerts can change their form - a bit similar to Umbrils but different enough - into a different stage of matter. Their possible forms are: 'more solid' (since they are solid already), 'liquefied', and 'gaseous'. The more solid form means that their body becomes rock-hard while the other two should be self-explanatory. Each form gives them different possible abilities and would be useful both inside and outside of battles. They can not uphold other forms forever, though. How long they can keep a form up depends on their experience and differs from person to person. They can also be hit by Essence powered attacks (some racial abilities, like the ones of Atmogis, can hit them as well) while in the gaseous or liquefied form but regular physical-only attacks will probably miss them. Changing forms lots of times can be exhausting if they are not used to it and even experienced Gallerts have a limit. Contrary to what you might think, Gallerts are neither weaker against lightning nor stronger against fire.

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