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    • Continent or ocean: originally from the Cotton steppe of Nomvul, spread all over Horhsal by travelers

      Favored habitat/s: plains and woods and couches

      Preferred type of place: comfy places of all sorts, in their natural habitat that would be places like cotton trees (which often look like they are in full bloom because of that only)

      Family: snooflius cloudia (yeah, it's just snooflers)

      Eating physiology: herbivorous

      Diet: They adore fruits of all sorts but may live on other food suited for herbivorous species as well. However, a happy snoofler is a well-behaving snoofler. . most times.

      Natural enemies: By now basically everything that likes to devour smallish mammals.

      Lifespan: around 50 years, domesticated ones may grow older considerably though

    Snooflers are smallish creatures most resembling a mixture of earthly sheep and rabbits.
    They are nimble but carry a cloud-like coating of white or pastel curls.
    As they are socially sensible, benevolent and herbivorous beings they use it mostly to warm each other or in order to escape/confuse predators.
    While they were hidden to Post-Eophrims for a considerable amount of time, snooflers have become very popular pets all across Horhsal during the last few decades.

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    Anatomy and morphology:

    A snoofler may vary in size about like earthly rabbits, there are small ones and so-called "giant snooflers", albeit those cannot be taller than a medium sized earthly dog either.
    It is coated in light, fluffy fur, making its actual body look more extended than it actually is, since it is a nimble creature beneath its cloudy coating.
    It may use its coat and nimble anatomy to travel at quite a pace by curling up into a ball so as to
    r o l l   a w a y ~
    Thus a snoofler can hide both its legs and the head (whilst the long thin ears stick out) like an earthly turtle.
    The fur tends to grow to a certain length only, however it will cover the snoofler's head by a fair amount when fully outgrown, so it's not unlikely to see no more than the ears and a pair of dark, pearly eyes blinking out of the clouds.
    A snoofler's coating is very curly, soft to the touch, and warming, yet light, making it a valuable material.
    Whilst many possess white fur it is also not uncommon for a snoofler to wear a pastel coloured coating, however it is always fairly light in shade.
    To distinguish the gender of a snoofler you need not get grabby - and you shouldn't, especially if it dislikes you, those are sensible creatures - there are simple, small details that give it away.
    For instance female specimens have little tufts at the ends of their ears and if you brush away the fur hiding their faces gently ('cause that's how you'd treat the lady) it reveals that they possess puffier eyelashes.

    Behavior and life history:

    Snooflers are very socially sensible beings, mostly living in flocks which mustn't even consist of their species only. They take very good care of their comrades and treat their children lovingly, also they tend to stick to one partner for a very long time.
    Due to their benevolence and, not to mention, the fact that they are herbivorous, rather than ever thinking about becoming predators snooflers developed several ways of escaping, with speed only but also using the speed to confuse those in pursuit of themselves or their comrades.
    In order to communicate verbally a snoofler will either make small, high pitched noises or whistle in order to notify their fellows over a longer distance.
    A common topic among scientists regarding their species isn't only their communicational patterns but how they show an astounding range of emotions and empathic behavior, from mourning for their lost ones and even remembrance to astoundingly silly manners such as pranks.
    A snoofler tends to protect and accompany basically everything that doesn't try to hurt it.
    Thus e.g. children of other races, and, as historians were able to discover, even Non-Eophrims would be taken care of (according to the limitations of being a snoofler, of course).

    And these days snooflers even keep watch over Post-Eophrims.

    The animal and humanoids:

    Before Post-Eophrims started to spread and domesticate the species, snooflers were just relaxing all over the Cotton steppe of Nomvul (of course they still do).
    They would escape the curious eyes of predators, but likewise travelers and scientists.
    One hypothesis regarding this would be the sensitivity of the species, as snooflers will not bear trust in someone who pursues them actively, for instance in order to catch them, yet there wasn't enough knowledge spread about the creatures to improve on this issue.
    For, well, they left behind no more that the one or other pastel curl.
    Thus snooflers weren't known to the Post-Eophrim races as what they are these days up until the one or other decade ago.
    However, as much as they may blend in with the fluffiness of their cottony surroundings, those creatures are curious and extremely social, sensible beings.
    So at some point the one or other snoofler stuck out its nose to leave behind its camouflage.

    Once the species was discovered it became both a resource for its valuable fur, not unlike earthly sheep, as well as a popular companion due to its social sensibility and, of course, the cuddles and cuteness.
    And just like that more and more specimens traveled from one country to the other, eventually becoming fairly well known to the public.

    Cultural depictions:

    In early ages the Post-Eophrims in Nomvul have only ever perceived snooflers not as cuddly creatures but rather as sorts of windy spirits guarding the plains.
    Scientists lead this belief back to their greatly enhanced speed and skills for escaping, making them almost impossible to catch or keep, especially if they choose not to be caught.
    Also the coat which may resemble a cloud and the whistling might have given away the impression of something spiritual.

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