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  • The rise of Unions and companies


    The whole craze around them started when the Overflowing Continent was finally mostly explored and had enough factories and other buildings to mass gather Solid Essence - this took quite a long time because of the hazardous environment and the fact that the suits also drained people of their Essence powers. The workers were less efficient than on other continents which was a problem completely unknown to them and led to the delay of any project there.

    Now that all these massive amounts of Solid Essence were available it was only a matter of time until various groups of people wanted their piece of the cake. Considering that the Overflowing Continent is no-man's-land, a huge competition flared up which led to the invention of Unions while companies earned more influence. They quickly grew and each had their own way to grow in power and size, so they could claim more land of the Overflowing Continent for themselves. Some of them are even working on big projects like a second bridge between Rimsal and Bauleura or factory complexes on the Overflowing Continent - a few of them having a great goal of their own which they want to realize, thus needing outrageous amounts of Solid Essence and manpower. However, not all Unions and companies take part in this Overflowing Continent and Solid Essence craze.

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