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  • Age of Foundation (100-1900 AEE)


    The birth of nations

    The Age of Foundation may be one of the shorter ages of Horhsal's history - especially when compared to the Age of Construction - but it is still important. History was split between the continents, except when some of their historical events overlapped, and it was an age of vast cultural advancements after actual nationalities came to be at the beginning of this age.

    The major races developed new social systems which were the beginning of systems like monarchies, oligarchies and more – giving birth to the first real nations which created the turning point to the Age of Foundation.

    The Grand Assembly

    One of the most remarkable historical events was the Grand Assembly that was held between the countries of all continents, although not all countries joined it. Horhsal was still incredibly dangerous and even the newfound countries had their problems to survive - which is why the first bit of this age was characterized by the attempt of the major races to work together to secure their futures. This actually worked for a few centuries, as amazing as that may sound, and it brought the different races even closer together. Dispersing possible cultural differences they may have had and replacing them with national ones although the alliance with all these other countries weakened the increase of differences a bit - some archaeologists still find proof of the Grand Assembly by, for example, finding Old-Bauleurian relics in Shazan and vice-versa.

    The first Essence Beings

    This also lead to the advancements mentioned before. The will of the major races to work together just to survive - unlike Eophrims - drove their studies up by a fair margin and was also the beginning of actual Essence researchers, although not like the present day ones by far. People did not even know that much about the Essence in that period of time. They found out, however, that it may come from some unknown force which they can put to use. Their cultural and scholarly advancements sparked an even greater interest in the Essence which led to the incurrence of the first Essence Beings. The major races were rather surprised at first and thought them to be dangerous but after a lot of battles, they discovered that these creatures never attacked first (“bad” Essence Beings did not exist yet). Some stopped fighting them, others still continued and a few even started to worship them when it aligned with their religions.

    Technological state

    The Age of Foundation was filled with “stationary” discovery (they did not need to travel far) and the Horhsalians discovered completely new aspects of their world. They were still heavily underdeveloped in comparison to today and everything was done with handwork and tools, except for cases where animals were put to use. They did not have any kind of helpful machines or constructions to help them and even most materials for buildings were carried by workers.

    The first firearm-type weapons

    They researched, amazingly enough, powder already that could be used for the predecessors of firearms - way earlier than the people on Earth did. These weapons looked rather primitive, like most other weapons, but they used a variety of metals already and would develop the first full armors at the end of this age. By the way, aptitudes were still not a thing by now and would first come into existence during the Age of Construction.

    Aftermath of the Grand Assembly

    The world was still dangerous - and still is - but was a lot safer by the 12th-century AEE. The people were ready for something new and tried their hands on new cultural achievements. Music, the arts, and literature strived but it was also a time of unrest because the people started to compare the works of their countries - and everyone wanted to be the best. Cultural identity became a thing which led to a separation of former allies. They were able to survive on their own now, so the Grand Assembly was no longer needed and disappeared - countries became a lot more independent and while some kept up their friendly relationships with others, there were also those that did not get along. Not only because of cultural reasons. Reasons themselves were countless in number and conflicts started to break out. Those were a lot bigger than the ones during the Age of Draft and involved whole countries.

    The first war between two nations

    National wars were born and the first one of them had a petty reason: the two leaders of the countries involved got into a fight about whose national monument was more impressive. This alone did not spark the war but rather the actions of one of the kings involved who sabotaged the other one's monument. This could be seen as the first declaration of war that was not about territories and resources. The world changed - for the better and for the worse.

    The end of the Age of Foundation

    The centuries passed and each country was writing its own history while some others already crumbled and would be forgotten until they were rediscovered by archaeologists. Still, there were no wars that encompassed whole continents and no empires. This would change with the next age. The Age of Foundation was more about, well, laying a foundation for the world and its continents and is a lot shorter than the Age of Construction.

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