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  • Age of Expansion (started 5100 AEE)


    Towards new shores

    The Age of Expansion is currently the last age and it is not known when it will end or if it will just be the last age, being why there is no end date in the ages summary. Being able to explore areas that were too deadly or just not reachable until now - especially the Culm Ocean - was one of the main reasons for the era change although the most important ones were the development of Unions, the increase of power for companies and special suits that made it possible to enter the Overflowing Continent without dying or transforming because of an Essence Energy overload. Almost the whole world was now in the grasp of the major races and they could expand towards new areas - which they did.

    They quickly sent people over to the Overflowing continent to build factories and other buildings to “harvest” whatever they could find, especially Solid Essence which was available in masses, solving most energy problems around the time. They also started to colonize islands of the Culm Ocean although it is so big that they just scratched the surface. This expansion into new lands and also their expansion as society was the reason why the ages changed and they called the new one Age of Expansion.

    An archaeological boom

    Archaeology was also invented around the same time, a few decades later - still during the 52. century - which led to a small historical boom around the world. People became a lot more conscious about their time reckoning and the advancement in technology helped them to discover aspects of their past that were already long forgotten. Archaeologists spread around the whole world and you could see them almost everywhere during the beginning of this age which was their prime time - although you can still see them around. It calmed down - not completely, of course - a few centuries later but that was because of the huge progress they made in that short time.

    The invention of the concept of ages

    Horhsalians actually started to categorize their past into different ages - that was not a thing before, people did not say “We live in the Age of Construction” or anything like that - although they already used AEE after Eophrims went extinct so their time reckoning existed for a long time, they just were not as conscious about it as of now. Everyone used the time reckoning but “Ages” was an Age of Expansion invention.

    Museums became a thing and people were interested in history now. This did not mean, however, that they stopped caring about the future, it was the opposite.

    A technical breakthrough

    Technology made a breakthrough in the 53. century. This led to a variety of new technologies, like advancements in communication. It would not take long, only around 50 years, for Horhsalians to develop their first digital technologies - a screen that consisted of data and which was projected with Essence Energy.

    Other technologies would soon follow until people invented devices like computers, TVs, mobile devices, the Internet and so on. Even some technologies we do not have on Earth, like a device to find Essence Sources nearby. People's lives became a lot more comfortable although their progress in other areas like mechanics was still rather slow but it showed some progress, at least.

    Old and new

    They did not abandon the past, however. Many countries kept their architectural style (with some new additions and slight changes), the military kept using the same weapon and armor types, just made out of better materials and so on. It was not like on Earth where the Modern Age changed everything completely but it was rather an addition to what was currently there. People still use castles, animal mounts, and manual labor but also have some new technologies now which did not completely overturn what was already there.

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