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  • Age of Construction (1900-5100 AEE)


    After the Age of Foundation

    The Age of Construction is the longest era that Horhsal ever had and was just as impactful for its history. A time where Horhsalians' battles for survival were merely a thing of the past. Of course, the world was still dangerous and would probably always be but the major races were far from endangered and had gotten extremely powerful, no fear of extinction anywhere to be seen.

    The importance of individuality

    People had various new ways to look at the world now and one important matter that came up was the subject of individuality which was what triggered the change from Foundation to Construction - after which people started to not only further develop their countries but also their personal life. Of course, people still had different personalities and interests before that but they never actually bothered with individuality as an actual subject.

    It did not take archaeologists - during the Age of Expansion, the age after this one - a long time to discover the first books about the subject from that time.

    Why this subject was also connected to the Essence was because of the advancement in Essence research and the discovery that the Essence was, indeed, not a divine being but more a force of the planet itself. It may not seem like much but this discovery changed a lot for the people of this time. The Essence was still a complete mystery for them and now they finally were able to understand it a bit better through scientific advancements although there were still no modern technologies. The process to actually create a whole science around the Essence and a philosophy about individuality took decades and was the time that, according to historians, marked the change from Foundation to Construction.

    Horhsalians liked the idea of being important and unique instead of just a replaceable and meaningless citizen of a country, shaping new social structures that did not exist before. This changed the life of the individual and gave them the chance to discover what they actually believed in - and strengthening their individuality in the process. National cultures were a way to express differences as well but now people also had the ability to express their own views. The uniqueness of a person became an important topic and it was also the beginning of the exploration of the unknown, in the form of adventurers, explorers and the like.

    Change in politics

    This change in the mentality of people had numerous effects on international relations. The Grand Assembly was completely forgotten and each country had developed its own unique culture and independence. Long gone were the days where all of them had to work together. Of course, countries already started to become unique during the latter half of the Age of Foundation but they still were slightly under the effect of the Grand Assembly. After its repercussions disappeared, countries started to develop new forms of government, especially after the new important topics showed up which influenced them. Two of them were democracies and republics, giving the people the power to rule, although only in a few countries. All of these changes may seem great and altered the world by a huge margin but it also made people and leaders a lot more self-aware than before. Of course, people already were individual before all this but it did not influence their political behavior as much as from this point on because they had other matters to worry about.

    This freedom led to many new relations between countries, good as well as bad ones. Trade relationships with contracts, personal alliances, and conflicts for which existed an endless amount of reasons. Wars became a lot fiercer and took longer. There were more casualties because you did not have to worry about extinction anymore. War research got a huge boost, new weapons were developed and countries fought solely for themselves and their own reasons, not only for survival anymore although it was still a reason for some smaller ones, especially in Monoria. Monoria would become a prime example of how enduring Horhsalians can be when it comes to conflicts. This led to the creation of the first empires and great powers - and sounded the bell for an era full of scientific advancement and societal development but also meaningless deaths and ruthless destruction.


    The rise of the first empire

    The first empire that started to exist was Atypia, an exceedingly old country that existed since the first countries were formed and which would even continue to exist in the Age of Expansion. Atypia's royal family was extremely powerful and controlled absolutely everything in the country - you could not even leave the country or make foreign trade contracts without their permission. Their military might grew but that was not enough for their leader. He found reasons to invade other countries and these were even genuine at first but this changed after their third conquest. Atypia already became big and they did not want to stop - thus leading a war against even more neighboring countries until their realm became so huge people had to find a new word for this kind of nation: empire.

    The fall of the first empire

    The Atypian Empire conquered more than half of Rimsal and even started to look at near Bauleurian countries until they were almost stopped in an enormous battle that destroyed the quarter of a whole country. They lost this battle but not the war - they were still ready to continue - although things changed after the last emperor of the Atypia family was not able to produce an heir. The loss at the Battle of Garveince angered him greatly, so much that he undertook a second attempt, this time going to a place right between Rimsal and Bauleura where he suspected a legendary Essence Being to be. He wanted to control its power but something seemed to have gone horribly wrong because there was an enormous explosion of Essence Energy that ripped a gigantic hole into the surface. The Colossal Chasm was created and historians are still not sure what exactly happened there but it was obvious that the emperor died alongside thousands of people.

    Atypia did not crumble to dust but the new emperor - who gripped the position by force to prevent an internal war - of the Vylossis family changed the course of the country. He gave up a big portion of their annexed regions by his own will before giving up the wars they were leading, thus ending the conquest of the Atypian Empire. Atypia was still rather big but they stopped conquering other countries and lost their status as an empire - and had to pay huge reparations The rest of the world heard about this and it did not take long until empire became a normal word, thus other great countries trying to achieve the same (but without failing). Some of them succeeded while others were destroyed. Most successful empires fell from grace after some decades or centuries while there was also a handful that could keep their position for a bit longer. Great powers came into existence as well.

    Changes in the military

    Armies actually had to care about their soldiers instead of just sending them to the slaughter now (although not all did, of course. There were still countries that did not give a damn about their lives) because their new abilities, coming from Essence Weapons, made them more valuable and you could get easily crushed in this era if you wasted your manpower. The first military academies were founded instead of just training all soldiers in barracks like before. The military underwent a huge change which marked the beginning of a variety of different positions and ranks instead of just having soldiers or mercenaries, some leaders and one general and that was it. Soldiers were trained in different fields while possible officer candidates extended their studies to prepare themselves. Warfare was a lot more about strategy now instead of just throwing bigger numbers at the enemy. That has worked before but not anymore - there were some battles were a small army defeated a bigger one just because they had the tactical advantage. Warfare became its own “art”, spreading the most around Monoria but also on all other continents. War had changed and would continue to change.

    The discovery of Essence Energy

    The new military research that stemmed from this also led to the discovery of Essence Energy during the third quarter, which would shape the second half of this age greatly. Essence Cores already dropped from Essence Beings before but Horhsalians did not know what to do with them, so they used them for decorations or other purposes until a famous (not famous in the Age of Construction itself, though) researcher called Gerdil Harwa had a little “accident” while examining one. It exploded her whole laboratory and she almost died but this accident led her to the realization that these weird Essence things were actually usable - and contained incredible power. She knew, however, that there were many people that would use it for their own selfish gains, so she tried to hide it but one of her colleagues caught wind of it and stole her research. People believed him to be the discoverer of Essence Energy but this was proved wrong during the Age of Expansion. He published Gerdil's work under his name and she could not do much to stop him but she left something that would help archaeologists (which first appeared during the Age of Expansion, people were not really interested in history before that) millennia later to find the truth.

    A scientific breakthrough

    Nonetheless, the publication of her research caused a boom in almost the whole world, since the thief spread it as far as he could. At least something he did right. Although it was still the Age of Construction, it was like a new era began. People tried to find ways to use this energy source and created the first machines and Essence Weapons along the way - there were not any before that. This boom had an especially huge impact on economy and science since the discovery of Essence Energy also helped to research the Essence itself while people hunted Essence Beings to get new cores which they could sell - millions of them were destroyed for profit.

    This, however, almost led to a catastrophe and partly endangered the Essence of Horhsal. Countries realized this soon enough and made new laws restricting the hunt for Essence Beings, allowing only official hunters of the government to hunt them - these laws were lifted after people found ways to reach the Overflowing continent during the beginning of the Age of Expansion. The growth of the Essence was ensured and people had hunted enough Essence Beings to have Cores in abundance. Most of them were used for military exploits, however, and machines may have existed and become a part of society but the civil ones were not greatly advanced and developed slowly so that most works were still done by people. Even the creation of factories did not change that by a lot since assembly line work was mostly done by workers but it still made work for them a bit easier.

    The end of the Age of Construction

    The world was an open book by now, except unexplored regions like the Culm and Mist ocean and other places nobody could reach yet. New transportation devices were developed that were powered by Essence Energy, at least most of them. An example being Culm Ships which made the exploration and colonization of the Culm Ocean possible although they were invented rather late and at the end of the Age of Construction. Another one being air vehicles which could still not fly over oceans of any kind - normal ships for water existed since the Age of Draft, so it was not a big deal - which is why they were only used on continents. Them not being able to fly over oceans was not because they were not able to fly over water but because they could only stay in the air for a limited amount of time which was not enough to travel to other continents.

    Horhsal was already rather advanced by this point and the Age of Construction lived up to its name. There happened so incredibly much that it would be overkill to put all of it here which is why it can be found in the history of the respective countries or other pages. The world became busy and was ready to advance even further. So it was no surprise that the next age was drawing near.

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