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  • Weapon types

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    1. Melee

      You get close and hit others or things. Quite the straightforward weapon category although it is probably the most varied one and every weapon type is used differently. The material they are made out of can also change their properties and strength (but also affect their price).
    2. Ranged

      Has an overview entry within the category for more information about sub-types and ammunition.
    3. Special

      These weapons are either melee, ranged or both which is not the defining factor to make a weapon special. This is rather used for weapons that are either not used by a wide range of people or mostly come from a certain continent/country and are thus exotic for people not from that region. Of course, this can also be used for completely unique weapons that do not exist in the worlds of other series (if that is even possible anymore). There is also a chance that some of them are too crazy to be considered normal.
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