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    This page is not about a machine or other kind of device but rather about a small minority of people, the so-called “Generators” in short and Humanoid Generators in full. They are called this way because of their unique ability to produce massive amounts of inner Essence Energy although they can not control this and are doing it non-stop without it disrupting their regular life. Generators have been born this way and are quite rare. This may sound like an amazing ability but is more of a curse in reality. Generators can not make use of these high amounts of inner Essence Energy because everything that could raise their Overflow Levels, even something minor, would instantly transform them into Overflow Essence Beings, so they can only use abilities that do not raise their OLs. They, most of the time, frantically try to avoid to use any kind of Essence related powers. Most of them avoid fighting and prefer to be non-combatants because of that although they could still decide to use regular weapons without any powers.


    This ability has some side-effects that have an effect on Essence Beings. Generators are able to appease Essence Beings, even those that are territorial or aggressive in other ways. Something about Generators seems to make aggressive Essence Beings peaceful. They can not, however, pacify Tainted Essence Beings but, on the other hand, function almost like magnets for them, meaning that the presence of a Generator can draw in Tainted Essence Beings. Tainted Essence Beings are also able to sense Generators that are close enough which will result in it trying to get as close to the Generator/s as possible, either ignoring or destroying anyone that tries to get in its way.

    Once it gets close enough, it will try everything in its power to kill the Generator and consume the inner Essence Energy that the Generator produced, completely ignoring all other people that might be nearby although it will strike back if attacked before quickly focusing on the Generator again. This obsessive behavior is most likely a result of their desire for inner Essence Energy and can be dangerous for other people as well since the Tainted Essence Being will grow in strength if it can kill the Generator and consume their Essence Energy.


    Aside from that, the opinion towards Generators can vary greatly from country to country. While a few countries, like Krondax and Quistas, view them with much respect and even honor them as saints, a lot of other countries do not particularly like them because of their ability to attract Tainted Essence Beings. Plus, there are some superstitions going around that brand them as bringers of ill luck, at least in some countries. Life as a Generator is only easy if you live in a country that respects Humanoid Generators - and even there could be someone that tries to exploit you.


    This is another curse they have to endure: people trying to exploit their abilities. There could be people, like Core Hunters, that want to make use of their ability to appease Essence Beings. Others might want to intentionally attract Tainted Essence Beings to either hunt them or even use them to attack an enemy, using the Humanoid Generator as bait. Generators should be glad that there are no visual features that could give them away because they look just like everyone else. A few highly experienced Supplicants could, however, sense that they produce high amounts of inner Essence Energy and thus look through their disguise as a normal person. Some Generators decide to live in hiding because of that.


    At least there are no methods to absorb inner Essence Energy from people to make it into usable energy yet. You can drain inner Essence Energy from someone but that is a long and complicated process, will result in the Essence Energy being lost and is only used to rescue people that are tainted. However, there are Essence Eaters who would love nothing more than to get their hands on a Humanoid Generator to have an infinite energy supply.

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