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  • Other energy sources


    There is no nuclear energy. Horhsalians never learned how to use it. Plus, there is no radioactivity on Horhsal to begin with.


    An energy that is extracted from living creatures but only those that have enough power inside them. It usually regenerates over time but there are a few cases where it can kill them. Has absolutely nothing to do with Essence Energy and is an attractive energy source for those that do not want to rely on Solid Essence. However, it has ethical problems and many people condemn it since you are using living beings as an energy source, zapping energy from them which heavily exhausts them. To power, for example, a big machine you would need a lot of them and powering a city would need too many, so it is not optimal as a primary energy source, at least not for cities.

    Chimeras that are made up of over 3 classes of animals have the highest amount of bioenergy inside them - the more animal classes they consist of, the more bioenergy they can generate. Apex-predators or huge creatures that are also made up of all 6 house enormous bioenergy inside them. This makes Faizeon a popular place with creature catchers that catch them alive.

    Fossil energy

    Uses materials like coal and other fossil fuels. Unlike on Earth, where fossil energies have only become outdated later on, they were never popular in Horhsal to begin with and only a few countries ever used them since Horhsalians preferred to use Essence Cores before they used Solid Essence. Horhsal has less environmental problems as a whole because of that and there is no climate change going on (they still overdid it in earlier times when it came to Cores, though, but that had no influence on the environment). Also poses the problem that things like high-tech devices cannot be powered by it because they run on Essence Energy.


    Wind and solar energy

    Horhsalians have never really learned to use wind and solar energy. There are first tries to use them but these technologies are still in their baby shoes and not exactly successful yet and since they do not produce Essence Energy there are not many companies that care about financing them.

    Barren plain energy

    Barren plains only exist in Monoria and are basically barren plains with nothing in them. For most millennia, people thought that these pieces of land were useless except for building, but Galfarian researchers discovered that these plains actually release a lot of energy when friction force is used on them. The energy comes out of the impenetrable ground itself and researchers think this is because the ground in barren plains is even stronger - although it is hard to be stronger than near unbreakable - than usual. They think that this redundant strength is what is converted into energy but it is still being researched. You can not generate this energy in other Monorian areas.

    Just rubbing something on the ground is not enough. You may create a bit of energy but it will not be enough to power big machines or buildings. This is why people, mostly Galfarians (but Wremanians make some use of it as well), build whole factories on barren plains and use different means to gather energy from the ground which is then “captured” and stored. Of course, a little bit of Solid Essence is needed to power some of the machines to get the whole thing even started but building many of these factories can actually replace Solid Essence as an energy source. Although you will produce less energy than you could produce with Solid Essence and Galfar had to tear down a lot of buildings in barren plains to make space for these factories, so Solid Essence is still the better energy source. However, Galfar prefers barren plain energy because they do not need to import Solid Essence to meet their energy needs. Their feared war machines are powered by this energy as well.

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