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  • Mass media and the Internet


    Horhsalians possess the technology of mass media, too, but theirs is different from Earth's in a few ways. Their devices are powered by Essence Energy - or rather Solid Essence - instead of electricity which changes the composition and looks of the devices but more about that in high-tech devices.

    You could divide mass media on Horhsal into two categories: TV and radio which belong to the same category and the Internet which belongs to the other one - there are also games which kind of fit into both but also not really. What separates these two categories is who owns them. The Internet does not use satellites - Horhsalians have no space flight in any capacity - but rather uses a net of Essence Energy that was set up by Digital Powerhouse and which took them a long time. All countries that have it are connected that way.

    There are no cinemas yet.

    TV and radio

    Unlike on Earth, where TV, radio and the Internet itself are not owned by anyone, TV and radio as a whole belong to the company “Entertainment Media” while the Internet is owned by a company called “Digital Powerhouse”.

    Owning the technology of the TV and radio mass media could give Entertainment Media a great margin of power over who is popular and what people watch for entertainment but they decide to not abuse it. They rather sell the rights to host various channels to countries, Unions and other companies. You could imagine it like this - they allow others to make their own channels and send on them what they want but TV and radio as a whole belong to them, so they can easily pull the plug whenever they want. That means they could get rid of any channels they want and send whatever they please. This would make them unpopular, however, which is why they mostly refrain from doing so but they are quick to penalize if there is a valid reason, like abusing TV and radio for propaganda or talking bad about Entertainment Media, meaning you will probably never encounter criticism against them on TV and radio.

    The Internet

    The Internet, on the other hand, is owned by the Digital Powerhouse and has, therefore, no direct connection to the other two. You can only watch TV shows if they are uploaded by individuals on video sites OR if there is a contract between DP and EM regarding a show. They have the same practices as DP and sell the right to use Internet web space for various purposes, similar to how it works on Earth but with the company being the only one who can rent out said web space instead of having near endless different ones. Their company members spend a good chunk of time moderating the Internet - it belongs to them, after all. They do not peek into everything but there are enough people that fear for their privacy and therefore avoid using the Internet.

    Unlike EM the Digital Powerhouse is a bit quicker to strike down on people they do not agree with and some even criticise them for censoring the Internet although they can not moderate absolutely everything and there are a lot of critical sites that never received any punishment from them. Their practices may not be the best and some of their black sheeps even abuse their power without other members noticing it but they keep the Internet mostly safe and clean because everyone who wants to establish a site needs to contact them first. You can not just buy web space from someone else and do whatever you want - they will find out and punish you. Of course, there are also popular social media sites and many other kind of websites like video hosting services, news sites etc.

    How Horhsal handles mass media compared to Earth

    The biggest difference between Earth's and Horhsal's mass media is that Horhsal's is mostly unpolitical (although news sites still report about politics), which is a huge difference, if you think about it. Propaganda is forbidden by both companies on their services (propagandistic people, parties and countries find other ways to voice them, though). They created TV, radio and the Internet for entertainment, not as a political voice for someone. They have the power to refuse the demands of nations and ignore complaints because their users are mostly loyal towards them and why would they care about what some random people have to say if there are million of others that never question them? This has a lot of downsides as well as benefits and just shows that Horhsal functions differently from Earth when it comes to subjects like this.

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