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  • Treaty of the abolition of Post-Eophrim slavery


    A treaty that was signed by most countries around the world - even though there is no world-government or international political union like the UNO - that forbids all countries that signed it from using major races as slaves (not counting minor races who are still eligible). It was signed near the end of the Age of Construction, around 5095 AEE, and is, nowadays, seen as a bridge to the Age of Expansion. Not all countries signed it but most of them follow its rules, anyway. The treaty was highly effective in the abolishment of Post-Eophrim slavery which is seen as primitive and barbaric since you enslave your own kin.
    However, there are still a few countries here and there that did not get rid of it and ignore the treaty - often doing it in secret in the form of a black market since countries that ignore the treaty are seen with disgust and not exactly popular. There are also those countries that only follow it because they can just use minor race slaves instead.

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