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  • Relationship between major and minor races


    Major and minor races have a complicated relationship ever since the Age of Foundation. While minor races stayed mostly stagnant, major races always found new ways to advance, both technologically and culturally. Since major races always expand and look for new lands to settle on there were often clashes with minor races living in the area, especially if they were territorial. At first, most minor races were able to successfully defend their homes because of their natural abilities and knowledge of the area but with time major races progressed further and further and became so advanced that they could easily wipe out anyone that stood in their way. This was when their relationship became complicated since there were a lot of power-hungry people in history that did not care about the lives of other creatures and had no trouble driving away or killing minor races to take their lands or even to enslave them. That mindset stuck with them for a long time and was especially prominent during the Age of Construction where enslavement of minor races became a common thing in a lot of countries. Of course, there have always been a lot of people that like them and want to peacefully live with or study them but the majority of people back then were not so nice and racism against minor races was normal.

    Even minor races that formerly lived near cities and did not fear major races but rather wanted to live in peace with them migrated away to find secluded areas they could live in because of their threatening presence although there were still a lot of minor race settlements that had good relations with the cities near them. Things became worse with the colonization of the Culm Ocean because of how ruthless most colonial powers were and are. They tried to make minor race subjugation appear normal so that they could easily colonize islands while ignoring, killing or enslaving the minor races living there. Not because of some mindset they had but rather for their own gains. Some minor race supporters still think that colonialism was a horrible idea and only fueled hatred between major and minor races.


    However, things got a lot better after the Age of Expansion started and more and more people started to question the current situation and started to wonder if these "creatures" should be treated like people because they are humanoid as well. Still, prejudices will not just go away and it will probably take a long, long time for things to truly change - if they even do. You could say there are currently three stances people and countries have towards minor races, or rather four if you separate the third one into two.

    First, you have the people that support minor races and either want to peacefully integrate or protect them. The ones that want to protect them respect their culture and do not want to force their "advancements" on them but rather have them continue living like always while others want them to become citizens and allow them to live in cities, basically "modernizing" them. There are also those that do not meddle with them at all and just watch them from a distance.

    Secondly, the people that do not care about them and mostly ignore them, except if they pose a threat in which case they will strike back in self-defense. They sometimes break that neutrality if they feel like they have to, like driving a tribe away if they settle near an Essence Source that the country really wants to have.

    The third type are those that hate them or view them as disgusting savages. The two extremes are the ones that want to purge them - those are smaller in number, at least - and the ones that want to enslave them. There are still a lot of them around, especially in colonial powers (although there can be colonial powers that are nicer towards them), and they often clash with those that want to protect them. Major race members with this belief think that minor races are no different from monsters and just mindless savages, no better than barbarians, so they feel like it is their task to "protect" their people from them, even if that means striking first. At least that is how some of them excuse it, others are just greedy or were educated that way.

    People that enslave them use them for different purposes, as house-slaves, workers or even putting them into zoos. Minor race zoos are quite popular in countries that have a negative opinion of them while they are banned in most other countries. Major race slavery is forbidden almost everywhere so using minor races instead is a good workaround for slavers, at least in countries where it is not banned. Hopefully, more countries will start to become more progressive and ban minor race slavery but one can only hope. The conflict between those that want to protect and those that hate them will probably become more and more heated.

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