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  • Great powers, empires, and colonial powers


    Great powers, empires, and colonial powers are all quite similar and describe nations that are much more powerful than others and expand in different ways, either by conquest, diplomatic annexation or - which is the usual way for colonial powers - colonization. However, there are some differences between them, in Horhsal at least which can differ from Earth's terminology.
    A great power is a big country with a powerful military and economy that possesses global influence, at least most of them, and is so powerful that only confederations and other great powers and empires can become dangerous for them. Great powers and empires are almost the same so it can be hard to tell if a huge country should be considered a great power or empire. In Horhsal, great powers usually do not divide their country into different almost autonomous regions but rather have the government rule over all the country, not relying on governors or other substitute rulers (except mayors and other politicians). Monarchies, democracies, oligarchies, and even theocracies can all become great powers although most huge monarchies tend to become empires instead.
    An empire, on the other hand, often has a capital region that is the heart of the empire and where the ruler lives while there are a lot of different regions - most of these still keep their name even after being conquered - that have governors or other substitute rulers that have some autonomy but are still part of the empire. All of these states together make up the empire and the ruler is usually called Emperor/Empress, even if it is a democracy. An empire thrives by integrating conquered cultures into their realm and making the people of conquered countries into citizens over time although a great or colonial power can do the same.
    A colonial power does not have to be huge and strong but rather has a great number of colonies, mostly in the Culm Ocean. Colonial powers are those nations that have the most influence there, making a lot of money from all the new goods that flow back to their home country. A colonial power could be regularly sized back on the home continent and still be considered a colonial power if they have a lot of colonies. They often fight other colonial powers but some of them are on good terms and trade instead. By the way, colonial powers are not the only ones that colonize. Great powers, empires, and regular countries can colonize the Culm Ocean as well but not all of them do so.
    All three types count as powerful countries and are usually superior to normal ones which is why they rarely want to join confederations because they do not want to be involved in the wars of "small fry".

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