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    People that are specialized in the taming of revisyts, a unique kind of parasite that is able to control “dead” things. The art of taming revisyts was first invented in the kingdom of Dagrinda and was shared with Ladunrur. After both of them ceased to exist, their descendants kept the taming of revisyts alive which is why most revisyt tamers can be found in North and Northwest Rimsal, especially in Pulluda, the country with the highest number of revisyt-tamers. However, with the world becoming more and more open, the old taming technique spread a little over the world and there can be revisyt-tamers be found here and there even outside of Rimsal. However, many countries consider it a grotesque art and either condemn or even outright forbid it, making revisyt-tamers not exactly the most popular people outside of the countries where most of them live.

    Revisyts are parasites - not monsters - that are able to take control of dead things, such as bones, ash (not counting the ash in Shazanian ash deserts) and, yes, even corpses. They are able to take control of corpses and make them move again, similar to the undead (which they are not - there are no undead on Horhsal, so revisyts are basically the Horhsalian version of a natural necromancy). These controlled corpses can even wield weapons and become dangerous for people since revisyts are carnivores and hunt other creatures by using dead bodies, no matter if animal, monster or humanoid, that have already rotted away or are in the process of doing so. Revisyts only eat fresh meat, meaning they are not interested in rotten flesh so they would rather use old corpses for hunting. Revisyts that live in a group - some are loners - can be especially dangerous because a whole group of corpses attacking you can be a terrifying sight and they are intelligent as well. However, strong fighters should have not many problems to deal with them except if the revisyt group controlling corpses is REALLY big, like a horde.

    Revisyt-tamers are the only people that know how to tame them since it is much harder than regular taming. You need the knowledge of another revisyt-tamer that taught you and learn the specific techniques that are needed. Taming them can be dangerous, even if you know what you are doing. This is because revisyts are often aggressive and need some time to get used to a tamer. It often happens that revisyt-tamers in training get attacked by them and get little chunks of flesh bitten out, leaving nasty scars. Almost every revisyt-tamer has these scars and they are often considered to be a sign of someone who graduated from their taming training. Revisyt-tamers that have much experience usually do not get bitten anymore but there is still a slight chance of it happening.

    Once they were able to tame a revisyt, a tamer can give specific orders to them, including the order to control something that can be controlled by them or a corpse. The revisyts listen to them even while controlling something, so the revisyt-tamers that are also fighters use that to fight their enemies. They are basically a non-magic Horhsalian version of necromancers that do not use powers to bring back corpses to life but rather use parasites that can control the bodies (or other dead things). As you can guess, this is a huge ethical problem for some people and another reason why revisyt-tamers are often viewed with disgust.

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