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    A continent that looks like an endlessly huge mountain from the outside - it is a mountain as big as a continent, so that is that - and the outside of it is pretty bare, not a good place to live. Which is why most people live inside of Shazan. There are even several countries inside, some of them are in different heights and either over or under each other. The people here are excellent engineers when it comes to light – they even discovered a way to replicate artificial sunlight during the Age of Construction. The flora here mostly consists of mushrooms but there are also other plants and something like “underground trees”. Most animals here do not have excellent sight and rely on their other senses. However, there are still some regions in which light from outside shines through, illuminating them during the day.

    The top of Shazan (outside) is a rather barren place but there are still some people trying to live here. There is an island country outside of Shazan that is not inside the mountain and on a separate landmass (like New Zealand is not connected to Australia).

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