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    A warmhearted and friendly country that always welcomes foreigners and is often referred to as the 'Gate of Shazan' because the gigantic cave opening that functions as Shazan's entry and exit lies within their territory which is why other Shazanian countries that want to have global relationships try to be on good terms with Xenxin. They are also fond of music and festivals and highly value the connection between male and female to create new life.

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    Capital: Xeiaro

    Language: Xenan

    Demonym: Xenxin

    Government: Diarchy

    Year of establishment: Around 400 AEE

    Has Internet: Yes


    Age of Foundation

    Xenxin is one of Shazan's oldest countries and was established when the Grand Assembly was still a thing and in full function during the Age of Foundation. The main reason why Xenxin - although it was just called Xen back then and would get the xin part of the name later - was established was to function as a sort of main gathering point for the Grand Assembly in Shazan since it connected and still connects the people inside Shazan with the rest of the world. Shortly after being created, Xen had already a great responsibility and was forced to grow quickly because Shazan was extremely dangerous back then, mostly because the creatures there still had the advantage of knowing Shazan inside out and being able to see in the dark. The people of Xen were often busy keeping the contact to other Shazanian countries, especially with the ones on higher levels while also delivering messages from countries of other continents. It was a hectic time full of battles for survival and the dire need to work together.


    After the Grand Assembly was finally no longer needed, Xen continued to exist and established an identity as an actual country. The people there would still try to keep as positive relations with others as possible and they even kept friendly relations to countries outside of Shazan which was not easy to do back then because there were no communication technologies whatsoever and there were no bridges to other continents. Thanks to its connections, Xen was able to live through the Age of Foundation peacefully and the people there were known to be warm and open-hearted folks that let everyone from outside pass through their lands to reach Shazan.

    Age of Construction

    After the Age of Construction arrived and countries worldwide advanced and progressed ever so further, Xen was beginning to be torn because there had be a falling out between two powerful people of the council that ruled the country during that time. Each of them, a man and a woman, were able to harness enough power to basically split the country in two. One of them wanted Xen to stay the way it was while the other one thought it would be a better idea to make use of their position and demand a toll from anyone entering their country. This would have made Xen filthy rich but there was also a high chance that it would have damaged their relations with others and their reputation. After some time passed and a lot happened, the two of them eventually fell in love which is a long story that will be told some day in the future - maybe. The one that had the plan to demand tolls gave up on her goal and they started the first Diarchy together after the council broke apart and was no longer functional.


    Both of them ruled together and most others thought it would be a temporary situation that would change after their deaths, however, the Xen liked this new system and took a liking to it, so they kept it even after the two passed away. From that point on, the rulers of the country would always be a man and a woman that were devoted to each other, each one possessing one half of the governmental power. Xen now became Xenxin and the people were happy that they found their own identity as a country, not only being the Gate of Shazan but also a country that discovered how beautiful the connection between man and woman is - in their eyes. They never had a problem with declining birthrates and became fond of festivals that celebrated the values of their country and their relationships with others. Xenxin was and is actually one of the very few countries that never really had the need for an army because nobody would risk attacking them since that would mean making tons of enemies, not only their friends but also other Shazanian countries that would not like if the Gate of Shazan fell into the wrong hands.


    The Xenxin developed their country further, not as much as certain other countries that wrote a lot of history but enough to discover that they would actually make great merchants since they had numerous visitors every year. Of course, they had a strong trade going on before that but, with the development of new technologies, it was easier to reach others and an influx of new wares reached the country while they exported their own goods, like art, garments, musical instruments and other cultural goods. After the bridge between Rimsal and Bauleura was finished, the Xenxin reached out to the nearest countries in both continents and suggested the plan to construct two more bridges that would each connect one of the continents with Shazan. The other countries saw the advantage in doing so and Xenxin helped with the construction of the bridges. This also brought them closer to Atypia and instead of holding a grudge against them because they created the Colossal Chasm in the past, they approached them with kindness and still have positive relations with them which the present Atypian king Klemeins is thankful for.

    Age of Expansion and present

    The Xenxin of the present are just as open-hearted as their ancestors and still an extremely popular tourist spot while all travellers wanting to reach or leave Shazan pass through their country. They have a rich culture, developed their own style of music where you mix their old traditional instruments with new high-tech ones and there are often festivals to which they invite foreigners that are currently resting in the city the festival is held in. Xenxin did not do much after the Age of Foundation but they think that not every country is destined to change much of history and be momentous. They are fine with their way of life and will probably continue to be so.


    Xenxin is a diarchy which means that there are always to leaders that share their power, one man and one woman that have an Everlasting Devotion together. They are voted by the New Council - unlike the old one in the Age of Foundation, this council does not have the full power in the country - which only consists of devoted male-female couples since they are taking their old traditions seriously. Others think it is strange but the Xenxin do not judge them for thinking differently.


    - Cheating in relationships is an actual crime in Xenxin and can be punished with prison time.


    Ultimate penalty


    Receiving a life sentence


    There are guards to protect the citizens and catch criminals but there is no actual military and most fighters you can see in Xenxin are usually from other countries. There was never a need for them to uphold an army after the Grand Assembly was over.

    Naming conventions:

    Xenxin naming conventions are rather simple. Men have a Xen at the beginning of their name, like Xenmao, Xenaru, Xengaru and so on while women have a -xin at the end of their name, like Miaxin, Tizaxin, Paxin and so on. Instead of using last names, a person's full name is usually the following: “[First name], son/daughter of [father's name] and [mother's name]” like “Xenmao, son of Xengaru and Paxin”. However, they only use the biological parent's names, meaning that adopted children usually only have their first name.

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