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    Wajrgen is a strong dictatorship that has a tight grip on its citizens that follow every word of the government, mostly because they either have no choice or because they have been brainwashed to be diligent. There may be other parties but these hold absolutely no power and are just there for show - anybody who actually votes for them secretly gets "re-educated" and the other parties themselves are nothing more than puppets of the dominant one. The Absolutist party is the one in power and is led by a small number of elites that shape the country and hold true power over everyone. The military, educational system, most companies, and much more are in their hands, so they can freely manipulate the people as seen fit. They believe that a country that has absolute control over its people is a strong one because the masses tend to be moronic fools that cannot rule themselves. As such, they are hated by democracies that believe in the power of the individual and the people.
    Surprisingly enough, they still have some diplomatic connections and are not isolationistic as long as you adhere to their many rules and do not step out of line. Even though they suppress free will they still take good care of their obedient citizens and enable them to live satisfying lives - but without any rights when it comes to politics.

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    Capital: Barnek

    Language: Wajrg

    Demonym: Wajrgian

    Government: Single-party dictatorship

    Year of establishment: Around 2755 AEE

    Has Internet: No


    The Absolutist party rules the country with an iron fist and believes in the right to rule of the elite few. They do not waste resources where they can save them, oversee everything going on in the country, decide the outcome of fake-elections, try to upkeep the image of the country outside of it, and decide on new laws. Of course, they also decide who gets "removed" or "re-educated" and are one of the most oppressive governments of the world. It is obvious they do not believe themselves to be bad because everything is for the "greater good" of the country, to make it strong and independent. The only actual elections that take place are within the party and have nothing to do with the people since only Absolutist members can vote the new ruling committee. The only thing people can vote on is which party should rule - but this is just a fake-election because the absolutist party will win anyway.


    They have a special guard force that focuses on hunting down rebellious individuals and everyone else breaking any rules. To do that, they spy on people, interrogate them or even torture them to get dirt on their companions. Almost nobody even dares to speak up against the government because of this guard force - they are everywhere.


    Their military is tight-knittedly organized and every single soldier is getting brainwashed during their time as a recruit, done in special "education camps", so they become absolutely loyal killing machines that feel so patriotic they want to throw away their lives for their country. Every single soldier is always perfectly in synch and they never slip up or step out of line, their discipline being amazingly high while the morale is strong. Soldiers are more respected than other people, so it draws in many people (that do not know about the education camps).


    Their education is not much different from their military, sadly enough. Students have to stay at school for 12 hours a day, there are rarely any breaks (and these are strictly watched by the teachers), any noise or disruption gets punished, often even with force depending on the teacher, and they are already brainwashed at a young age to be obedient towards the government. History and politics mostly deal with Wajrgen alone, there are a few subjects missing, and Grand Assembly tongue is the only taught foreign language.

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