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    Former settlers from Lufdurus that created their own city-state after there were differing views about the Gigant that lives near the city and is basically a part of it. They have a great relationship with said Gigant and like to feed it while it, in return, protects them.

    Capital: Tirarl (City-state)

    Language: Lufduru

    Demonym: Tirarlian

    Government: Direct democracy

    Year of establishment: Around 2050 AEE

    Has Internet: Yes


    Age of Construction

    Tirarl is a city-state that was founded near the living space of a Gigant which may seem irresponsible and like a deathwish but the four-legged Gigant is one of the very few that are actually peaceful and even friendly towards people. Lufdurian settlers that were sent out to establish a new city were terrified when they first set eyes on the gigantic creature, thinking they were done for. Until they discovered that said creature is friendly and did not try to harm them, it even tried to get closer to the settlers to satisfy its curiosity regarding these strange little beings.

    Creation of the city-state

    The settlers were moved by it and decided to set up camp near it, since the area around it was relatively safe, probably because most other creatures stayed away from it. Time passed and the people that now lived here became so close to the Gigant that they questioned their country's traditions and there was also almost nothing to hunt here. The people home were also not pleased by the fact that the settlers decided to construct a settlement so close to a Gigant which was irresponsible in their eyes. Contact between them became scarcer until the Tirarlian people - they had given their settlement a name by now - decided to break off from Lufdurus to become their own people and since Lufdurus feared the Gigant, they did not try to stop them and instead let them be.

    Tirarl became bigger and was officially a city-state now since they had no desire to construct any other cities after this one. There were still a few hunters but most of them lived from agriculture by now, since they actually had the possibility to do so, unlike the people from their old home. There is also a lake that is used for fishing, even today.

    Disapproved by others

    The Tirarlians stayed close to the Gigant and integrated it into their newly developing culture. Of course, there were some people from other places that tried to attack it since Bauleurians of that time thought that all Gigants were evil monstrosities but the Tirarlians defended it with their own lives which made them known as Gigant worshippers. They had to make do by themselves because their neighbors were not exactly friendly towards them but the Gigant helped them in some areas, like opening up mountains to access natural resources, catching piles of fish at once and protecting their fields from pesty birds.

    Others lost more and more interest in them until they started to accept that this Gigant may not be that bad - which enabled the Tirarlians to have some political relations at last.

    Age of Expansion and present

    The Tirarlians still live together with the Gigant - who stays outside of the city but can easily stretch its neck to reach certain areas - even today, meaning that the Gigant is several thousand years old. It likes to come by with its head to look how the people inside the city are doing and is always curious about their development since it must be strange for it how much they have changed over the years. The city-state itself is rather peaceful as well and does not have that big of an army because they believe that the Gigant would protect them, should anyone decide to invade them. The few hunters that live here are always careful and try to only hunt when it is necessary.

    Unlike earlier days, the present day city-state is a popular tourist spot, especially for people from other continents who have never seen a Gigant up close. It does not even mind if people walk around its back or build little buildings on it while being careful to not accidentally throw someone off. Their population grew too big to only be sustained by the fields that are outside the city, so the new profits from the still uprising tourist industry were just what they needed to import new food and other goods. Most Tirarlians are thankful towards the Gigant and try to give something back to it from time to time - like a huge pile of vegetables to give it a snack.

    Nobody knows what would become of Tirarl if the Gigant dies one day.

    Naming conventions:

    Tirarlians have naming conventions similar to Lufdurians, seeing as how they were once part of Lufdurus, but changed them up over the centuries. The ' with three letters actually starts at the beggining in their case, like Mer'arden or Sil'lerd. They also got rid of the middle name since they do not focus on hunters and merchants. Their last names are similar and you can recognize that they are from the same family but a bit less blunt.

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