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    A city-state that is mostly inhabited by mercenaries and their families while there are also non-combatants living here that serve as the backbone of the city itself. They are one of the most famous mercenary organizations and often used by various different countries throughout the world.

    Capital: Sezerro (City-state)

    Language: Sezerron

    Demonym: Sezerronian

    Government: The leader of the mercenaries is also the ruler of the city-state, so a mercenary-stratocracy

    Year of establishment: The mercenaries were founded in 4088 AEE / Became an actual city-state in 4313 AEE

    Has Internet: Yes


    Age of Construction

    Legends say that the Sezerro mercenaries were founded by a masterful mercenary who managed to take down a legendary Essence Being together with his comrades and that the Essence Weapon that is passed down from leader to leader, although it is over 1000 years old and not really used as a weapon anymore, and considered Sezerro's national treasure used its Essence Core. Nobody knows if this is what actually happened but it 'could' be true.

    The truth was lost during an enemy invasion around the 43. century which led to the destruction of various old documents, robbing Sezerro of its own founding history but the part about Sezerro being founded by a mercenary should be true. The invasion - led by the remnants of a country that lost its most important war and got destroyed because of it, their enemies hired the Sezerro mercenaries - cost the mercenaries many men and women and almost led to the full destruction of their home base.

    Creation of the city-state

    They were ready to give up but found a glimmer of hope in the ruins - a legendary Essence Weapon that had the name Sezerro carved in it, the name of the first leader. New hope dwelled up inside them and they started to rebuild the base - this time even bigger and stronger, so that it may withstand any following attack. This led them to the problem of having only mercenaries. They did not know much about building and had to put a temporary stop to their work, so they would also need to get their own food. The Sezerro mercenaries were quite famous during this time (which made it easy to attack them, ironically) and after hearing of their predicament and them finding a legendary weapon, people started to flock to them.

    More and more non-combatants took up camp to help them but it became clear they would need actual living spaces, leading to the idea, the non-combatants came up with it, to go even further and build a city. The mercenaries were reluctant at first but then considered how useful a city as their base of operations would be which was the birth of the city-state Sezerro, a tiny country “ruled” by mercenaries.

    Age of Expansion and present

    Sezerro is still functioning as the home of the mercenary group of the same name which is so big that they are split into different groups, each having their own leader while the highest one, who also rules the city-state, always has the last word. The city-state is not as cultural as other countries but it certainly is strong for its small size and possesses impregnable defenses. There are still other big mercenary groups but Sezerro is definitely the most famous one in Bauleura. They are also favored by Visganro and some of their best mercenaries get hired by them often while they also get hired to protect exploration ships in the Culm Ocean from time to time.

    The mercenary organization has a strict code of honor that mostly involves comradeship with your fellow Sezerronians and to always uphold contracts. Once a contract is sealed, not even a higher offer should lead you to break it, otherwise, you are a disappointment as a Sezerro mercenary.

    The civilians living in the city are always working hard since they belong to the mercenaries as well - not as fighters but as their spine that prevents them from breaking down. Everything in the city is well-organized and most people mistake it for a gigantic base at first. There are always some mercenaries hanging, walking or running around and you can see them almost everywhere. A good portion of them - despite Sezerro being over 1000 years old - consists of people that were exiled from other countries or had to flee. Some of them are former criminals, even. Sezerro has always been a popular haven for those that lost their home or could not return to it and since there are both combatants and civilians, everyone is given a chance to make themselves useful. Sure, people that want to live here can do so but they have to work for it and they are kicked out instantly should they misbehave or go around committing crimes.

    The Sezerro mercenaries are a lively bunch and not the cheapest fighters to hire but they have tons of experience and are definitely worth it. Of course, even they fail and lose people sometimes but that is all part of being mercenaries.

    Naming conventions:

    Sezerro does not have much culture and most of it is borrowed from various Bauleurian countries which is why they have no naming conventions and parents use whatever name they come up with although most of them use naming conventions of other Bauleurian countries, if their family has lived in Sezerro for generations, or the one of the countries they were originally from if they are new.

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