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    Orvisnans have the bad reputation of meddling with the affairs of others and to be too lawful. They see themselves as the ultimate champions of justice and are extremely strict when it comes to laws, making their country a safe place. However, they are sometimes too strict and not every verdict is always fair.

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    Capital: Warsenberl

    Language: Orvisnian

    Demonym: Orvisnan

    Government: The jurisdiction is in charge of everything

    Year of establishment: Around 380 AEE

    Has Internet: Yes


    Age of Foundation

    Orvisna is one of Bauleura's oldest countries and played some important parts in the Grand Assembly during the Age of Foundation - it was even held there once and functioned as the Assembly's base of operations in Bauleura for around 200 years after being replaced by Chierresa. This sense of pride that came with it would stick with the Orvisnians while they have almost always been strict but coordinated people. Still with enough freedom to not become a collective, though.

    After the Grand Assembly was no longer necessary, Orvisna quickly solidified its borders and reconstructed the internal workings of the country. Since there was no longer a reason to tightly work together, Orvisna started to distrust its neighbors and thought that, now that most dangers had been prevented, countries would start to turn against each other. This would turn out to be half true - some started to get into conflicts, others did not. However, Orvisna quickly took a small step back after they noticed nobody would just go after them without any reason or warning. The other countries were not barbarians, after all (some Orvisnians thought that).

    After becoming more open-minded, they started to establish relationships with other countries. Some reacted positively while there were also cases in which Orvisna was a bit too pushy and locked horns with countries it happened with. Quite ironic that most of these cases were Orvisna's own fault.

    Age of Construction

    After stepping into the Age of Construction, their jurisdiction took over after fanatical followers of the law - Orvisna had always been too focused on laws and rules - exiled the old royal family, just like that. The new system had a heavy focus on law enforcement while the laws were changed to be stricter.

    They were not the “official law-lover country” but many people called them that regardless, especially because of the ones going overboard and trying to meddle with other countries' affairs. As you can guess, they were not pleased and after a number of conflicts exploded, they attacked Orvisna and put it back into its place. No more playing Bauleura's law enforcement. It is a miracle the country still exists and was not overtaken.

    After their loss, they tried to balance things out a bit more and adapted other views. Of course, only ones that would not conflict with their current ones. One of them was the clinging to traditions to uphold their old values and keep their classic and cultural style - they have some great architecture in Orvisna, especially their castles and courthouses. Afterward, they tried to be a bit more progressive as well but this clashed with the already strengthened traditionalists, so they stopped that.

    They also started to dislike Non-Eophrims which was more of a decision of the moment and - let us be honest here - completely careless. The higher ups of the jurisdiction saw that some citizens had problems with Non-Eophrims, which could have been resolved, and then just decided to punish them. This led to more Non-Eophrim hunters coming in and fighting them, further escalating the situation until the people themselves were fed up with the Non-Eophrims and many Orvisnians started hating them, thus keeping this mindset in their heads and passing it down to their children.

    Age of Expansion and present

    The present Orvisnians are still quite cultured people and their classical architectural style draws in tourists all around the world - until they leave a bit earlier because of how strict it is here. Of course, there are still numerous people that do not care much about being strict and all about laws but the ones that do are clearly the majority which shows in their society.

    Every little crime can result in all people in your neighborhood hating you because news like these spread quickly. You can definitely be sure that people will hear about it, even if you get a mere ticket for parking in the wrong place. This, however, means that their crime rate is exceptionally low and the people well protected. Depending on the neighborhood, you could even leave your door unlocked (it is not advised, though - do not be stupid). Gossiping is also popular and there are often rumors flying around about what someone could have possibly done when nobody was looking.

    Orvisna has various holidays and regional customs that can vary from region to region - some a bit newer and involving something negative against Non-Eophrims.

    Other countries view them with mixed feelings. They are a big help when it comes to providing manpower and resources for countries that are drowning in criminality but, on the other hand, they try to intervene in the jurisdictional matters of countries that do not even like them. At least they are not going overboard this time, like in the Age of Construction. They are also still prideful which differs from person to person. Some can act arrogant, just wanting to punish every wrongdoer no matter the situation, while some others are actually noble and use the law because they want to protect the people.

    Orvisna advanced alongside the world and adapted more technologies as well. It was mostly their style that was kept unchanged, like how they use the best material they can get for armors and weapons but they keep their style classic. Orvisnans are traditional but they do not refuse what came with the Age of Expansion. They are traditional when it comes to their culture, customs, rules, and architecture.


    They have laws for almost anything, like how even cheating in a game between friends is potentially a crime. So, it would be a bit too much to list all of them here.

    Champions of the Law

    A special non-religious order in Orvisna that consists of champions, clad in heavy armor (even their Supplicants) and standing at the top of Orvisna's law enforcement. They are the best Orvisna has to offer and are used when the normal executive cannot handle the problem, like a powerful international crime syndicate threatening the safety of the population.

    Their round is small but each Champion of the Law is a mighty and extraordinary fighter, able to deal with problems where the ordinary law enforcement would need to send out dozens of people. Cross one of them as a criminal and it was probably the last thing you did. It is rare to see them in public since they do not deal with “small” problems but they are still celebrated like heroes, at least in Orvisna.

    Since Orvisna likes to meddle with other country's affairs but can not actually do much, they offer them to “hire” the Champions of the Law for crises but only those and only against criminals. They will not answer any other call but are still used often.

    Naming conventions:

    The Orvisnans are not that strict when it comes to the naming of their children - what a surprise - but, as you can guess, there are still some rules that make up for it. First, the length of the names you can give your children depend on your and your partner's “justice social class”, meaning that you are considered low if either of you is or was a criminal, high if either of you is a law enforcer or works with the jurisdiction in any form and middle if neither is the case for both of you. Low has always more weight, meaning that if you were a criminal once and your partner is not, you would still have to use the lower class option. If both high and low are the case, which is extremely rare, they would cancel each other out. Orvisnans do not have social classes that are linked to money, so even a rich person can be considered low if they did a crime. The lower class enables you to give your child a name with up to 4 letters, middle up to 7 and high up to 10 letters.

    Should you commit a heavy enough crime, you will lose a letter of your name and should you even commit a serious crime, your whole name - you would even lose your last name - would be replaced with numbers, like Nr. 801. Of course, you can get your letters back by doing charity work and through other means that benefit society and show you repent for your crimes. Your name will always be replaced with numbers when you are serving time in jail and for as long as you are there.

    Orvisnans are heavily prejudiced when it comes to the length of names. A long name means that the person is righteous and an ally of justice while a short name is usually associated with crimes and thus despised, at least in their eyes. This can become problematic for foreigners that have short names because they do not have the same naming conventions and having a short name means nothing in their home country. Should your name have less than 5 letters, you should be prepared for people to look down on you, thinking either you or your parents are or were criminals.

    Their last names usually have a 'vis' somewhere in the name.

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