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    A country of hunters and merchants (and other people, of course). They live in the harshest environments of Bauleura and never really had the chance to build up agriculture since aggressive packs of animals and monsters always destroyed their fields and farms before they could even produce anything. This is why they decide to live mostly carnivorous and hunt said creatures to live from them. However, they are not just blindly killing everything and respect their prey, always watching out to not overhunt the wrong species while keeping those that are aggressive and reproduce quickly in check.

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    Capital: Darsgarm

    Language: Lufduru

    Demonym: Lufdurian

    Government: The country is ruled by both a chamber of hunters and a chamber of merchants

    Year of establishment: Around 570 AEE

    Has Internet: Yes


    Age of Foundation

    An old country that can be found in the most northern part of Bauleura, meaning that there are still regular seasons but the winters are a bit longer and the summers shorter here. The lands of this country are dangerous, not because of the temperature or weather (alone) but because the chance to see a Gigant is somewhat higher - there are also numerous carnivorous animals and monsters roaming the wilderness in packs.

    The area has always been like this which made it difficult for the first settlers to even set foot here but since the Grand Assembly, which was active during the Age of Foundation, was there to help others find new land to settle in, they were not alone. They managed to build a fortress first before building a city inside it, always extending the fortress every time the city grew. Even nowadays, Darsgarm is still built like a huge fortress that houses a city inside it, while the other cities have stalwart walls surrounding them.

    After the capital was founded, the first Lufdurians had trouble to expand further, meaning their first development was slow and tedious and they would have probably lost everything if it was not for the help of others, encouraging and supplying them. Lufdurians may seem a bit rough around the edges but they are thankful people and spent lots of time to repay their debts after finally becoming a steady country.

    They usually tried to avoid conflicts, since they would not have enough resources and there were always some cities struggling to get through the next winter since the fauna continued to be a harsh burden on them. Not being able to safely farm the lands, the Lufdurians decided to live from hunting which was also a good way to reduce the threat of the local fauna. The Lufdurians stopped caring about other foods and went back to being carnivores (Horhsalians were pure carnivores at first before becoming omnivores). When it comes to meat dishes, their cuisine is one of the best. Lufdurus also knew that having a helping hand was a great way to increase the chances of survival which is why they concluded numerous trade agreements with other countries. They exported goods they had in abundance - like horns, claws and tons of other goods you can get from hunting but are non-edible - for food and better materials to strengthen their armories and defenses. Things were going better but there was always the threat of being annihilated by the attack of a Gigant.

    Age of Construction

    After entering the Age of Construction, Lufdurus decided it was finally time to catch up technologically with the others - their various trade agreements were a great foundation for that since they could now trade their more luxurious goods for new technologies from others or by hiring foreign researchers. The Lufdurians heavily stepped up their hunting game (no pun intended) and put more time and money into the training of special troops that were specifically trained to defend cities against Gigants, not killing them but at least wounding and chasing them away. These special troops were the template for other similar troops throughout Bauleura, meaning their origin lies in Lufdurus.

    Age of Expansion and present

    Lufdurus is still a country of hunters but also of merchants by now. Of course, there are still countless other people but most Baulaurian countries think of Lufdurus' hunters and merchants. There are some exceptions but most people here eat like carnivores, not because of some mindset but because it is the food with the easiest access. They would probably eat other foods but that is a luxury for merchants and wealthy citizens although there are not many rich people except merchants and the wage gap is almost nonexistent in Lufdurus. You are either a hunter or merchant and can live a good life (as long as you are not killed as a hunter) or a regular citizen with a different job and that is basically it.

    Sure, there are also soldiers but most of them work as hunters as well since most threats come in the form of aggressive fauna. The people may seem harsh and unwelcoming at first but most visitors will quickly notice that the people of Lufdurus - at least a good portion of them - are warm and welcoming. Most of them are fond of visitors and like to learn about them - there are even some Lufdurians that would share their supplies if a traveler ran out of them and has no money anymore. If, on the other hand, you are the one lending them a helping hand, then you can be sure they will find a way to pay you back, since Lufdurians are serious about debts and grateful people.

    The present Lufdurus is also stable enough to participate in the colonization of the Culm Ocean - as unbelievable as that sounds - since this could open up new food sources for them. They mostly use mercenaries and hunters for this since every soldier is needed at home, meaning they have absolutely no interest in colonization conflicts and try to avoid them as good as possible.

    Popular dishes:

    Almost all of their dishes have meat as an ingredient in some way. They are rarely able to eat vegetables and fruits which is why they are rarely if ever included. Animal products are a bit on the rare side as well but more common than the former two.

    Naming conventions:

    Lufdurian naming conventions are extremely old and most people do not even know their origins but it is suggested that they were developed by the first settlers, people that the Lufdurians of the present do not know much about. Their first names always end with ' and then three letters, no matter if male or female, like Daro'dre or Sienda'oro. Their last names sound blunt and a bit rougher on the edges, like Uffunz, Argraz, Grarnd, Kerkran, and so on.

    Hunters and merchants also have a middle name that is the same for all hunters and merchants each. Hunters have the middle name Nuurde and merchants have Laarde which both mean the respective word (but with 'the' before them which is implied by the -de, like how Nuurde is 'the hunter') in Lufdurian, so you could have Daro'dre Nuurde Uffunz or Sienda'oro Laarde Argraz. Family and friends never use the middle name and just use the first name by itself while foreigners often forget how to use the middle name correctly. Regular citizens that are neither hunters nor merchants, which is still a big percentage of the population, do not have a middle name.

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