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    Kowarik is a relatively new country that was created in the aftermath of a revolution against a dictatorship. Zargarik was a lot bigger before the revolution and contained the whole landmass of Iknard. However, due to the ruler's tyranny, the people got fed up and started to rise in several parts of the country. This revolution destroyed most of the country and split it up into 5 smaller ones - and Kowarik was one of those.


    After the new country was formed, the people quickly decided to never allow one person to reign free like before, openly opposing the concept of a dictatorship and turning into a direct democracy instead. This disdain for their old country also made them reject their old culture which led to a young country with not much of an identity that has yet to develop one. As such, most of how Kowarik will develop is dependent on player characters and they have a lot of power to shape the future of the country - and maybe even have it expand and reunite Iknard.

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    Capital: Meshaven

    Culture group: Iknard

    Culture: Has yet to create its own culture

    Language: Still uses Zargarik

    Demonym: Kowarik

    Government: Direct democracy

    Year of establishment: 5425 AEE

    Has Internet: No


    Kowarik is still a rather new country. As such, there is no history and the future of the country will determine most of its history later on. Important happenings that happened in the past could end up here.


    The country itself was created after a revolution ripped Zargarik apart. This led to the creation of multiple smaller countries that divided themselves from Zargarik. One of these was Kowarik and they were the ones that fought the fiercest for their freedom.


    As a direct democracy, all important matters in Kowarik are decided by a vote, done by the population. This is done in a voting booth and every citizen is expected to vote although nobody will force you.

    Voting, however, has the benefit that a tax for this month will be slightly reduced for you.


    Being a direct democracy - where all the power lies with the people - means there is no need for a ruler or rulers. There are, however, politicians that act as representatives for other countries. They do not have actual governing power and are mostly used for administrative tasks.


    Currently just your usual default laws. Can change through players.


    Currently just your usual default military. Can change through players.


    Not really defined yet.


    There are currently no great works of art or a certain art culture. Can change through players.


    There are currently no great works of literature or a certain literature culture. Can change through players.


    Kowarik does not have any national sports yet. Can change through players.

    Pop culture:

    No pop culture of its own, so people interested in it just look at international pop culture. Can change through players.

    Popular dishes:

    There are no popular dishes yet and Kowarik cuisine does not exist. Can change through players.


    People in Kowarik just wear anything and their fashion trends follow those of other countries. Can change through players.


    Nothing special or anything that would really define it, Can change through players.


    There are some companies but none of them stands out in any way. Can change through players.


    There is no tourism yet. Can change through players.


    Regular healthcare that people need to pay for. Can change through players.


    Just a regular default education system. Can change through players.


    Kowarik is just average when it comes to science. Can change through players.

    The country and minor races:

    Completely neutral, meaning that Non-Eophrims are tolerated but they have no citizenship rights and cannot vote. Can change through players.

    Naming conventions:

    Kowarik does not have any naming conventions, so parents often just use any name that comes to mind or they make use of other countries' naming conventions.

    Important people:

    Nobody really noticable yet. Can change through players.

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