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    A moderate and usually friendly country that likes to learn more about the Essence and keep a good “relationship” with it although it is hard to tell if that is even possible. Some people view them as Bauleura's good soul and they never really tried to occupy center stage. There are a lot of great Supplicants living here as well.

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    Capital: Sarindas

    Language: Chierresian

    Demonym: Chierresan

    Government: An Essence Council forms the government - people that are believed to be particularly close to the Essence and are masterful Supplicants

    Year of establishment: Around 490 AEE

    Has Internet: Yes


    Age of Foundation

    Chierresa was founded when the Grand Assembly was in one of its most active phases and was the result of a few petite countries fusing together to stand a better chance. The newly founded country was a great asset for the Grand Assembly's cause and would, around 150 years later, even be Bauleura's new main base of operations for the Assembly in Bauleura. There are legends that some Chierresians already used a primitive and undeveloped predecessor of Essence Pleas before anything even related to it was invented - there is no actual proof, though, and many historians are unsure about its validity.

    Nonetheless, people nowadays think Chierresians always had a deep connection with the Essence, even before much was known about it but this, too, is just a number of rumors.

    Chierresa had a rather peaceful time during the Age of Foundation after the Grand Assembly was broken up, possibly because most countries were still thankful for their efforts and remembered it as the country that did the most work for the assembly. As such, it was one of the few countries that could go on without conflicts, at least during this age. After the world entered the Age of Construction, the Chierresians took their time and did not instantly change everything. They wanted to wait and see how things would turn out for other countries.

    Age of Construction

    After careful evaluation and enough time passed, they decided to keep things balanced by sticking with being peaceful and interested in the Essence. This by itself did not change much but there were some Essence-fanatics that thought Chierresa was the chosen country of the Essence - nobody nowadays knows where this ridiculous claim even came from but the people saying it grew in size rather quickly. Other countries heard about it and did not take it well. They thought it was arrogant that one country would act like they were special, especially when the said country was one of the latest to even care about the current topics. This led to some minor conflicts and it took the efforts of a group of Chierresians to stop the liars that were spreading false words.

    The situation eventually calmed down while the Chierresian citizens were still slightly affected by it - some of them even started to worship the Essence like it was a God. This new “religion” did not last long, though, until sciences grew in importance and it became even clearer that the Essence is no God or anything similar (that could have been proven before but these people were stubborn and needed more evidence).

    The country would still keep its affection for the Essence and it was decided to openly welcome all kinds of people that are interested in the Essence or seem to be close to it since all of them were deemed important. This led to Chierresa becoming more open-minded but the government itself was too old-fashioned - and it was easy for others to manipulate them from behind the shadows.

    The government turned out to be weak after the changes, so the people decided to finally get rid of it and give the government into the hands of important Essence followers, which led to the Essence Council being founded.

    Age of Expansion and present

    Chierresa would continue to be a country of Essence followers and various kinds of Supplicants. Of course, it has its own culture and customs that are important for the country itself but most citizens are a colorful mix of different people drawn in by their opportunities for Supplicants and Essence researchers. All of this, however, also has its bad sides, like lots of fights between people that have differing opinions that do not agree with each other or openly lock horns because their beliefs are opposites.

    There are both advantages and downsides but the Chierresians are still proud of their country. Chierresa usually has good relationships with most countries except Monorian ones but they are still allowed in the country.

    You can also find one of the biggest Supplicant academies of the world in Chierresa - an international place that draws in hundreds of students every year.

    Naming conventions:

    Chierresan first names usually end or begin (or both but that would lead to a weird name) with enz or ence for males and ess or esa for females while family names are flexible but always contain 'ie' somewhere in the name, like Enzero Wiera or Anjess Dieres

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