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    The Arjarc are a somewhat barbarian people and do not have a complete government. There are a few leaders, mostly generals, but there is no entity that could be called the country's government. Instead, most areas are ruled by a Chieftain that has absolute control over their area, meaning that the country is split up into different clans that each hold autonomy. However, they can still work together to fend off outside threads or to invade others. Still, most of the time most clans are in conflict with each other - which are rarely personal and mostly because of resources and land - although there are alliances and friendships between a few of them. Fending off an outside threat always temporarily unites all of them.
    They are seen as a "horde" by outsiders, not only because of how chaotic their troops are scrambled together but also because they like to invade lands and coasts of other countries without declaring a war on them, only doing it to plunder food and resources. The deprived countries still hate them for it and often try to strike back. The Arjarc are troublemakers but rarely attack others because of a devious intent. One of their main targets and something of a historical rival is Lufdurus, especially because they can directly invade them without the need to board ships. They never invade Darcden because they know that a great power would annihilate them if provoked directly. The rise of Darcden has made them more and more careful in general because they do not want to get into trouble with them.
    It remains to be seen if these barbarians can continue to live as they did until now.

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    Capital: There is no real capital

    Language: Arjarcain

    Demonym: Arjarc

    Government: Anarchy

    Year of establishment: Around 800 AEE

    Has Internet: No


    However, there was a period in time during which they had a government, even though it was a short one. During the early Age of Construction - Arjarc was still in control of the whole island they are located on - one of the Chieftains rose up to unite the clans. He would become the first high king of Arjarc and form a dynasty that may have been strong but would only rule for a short amount of time. His strive to unite the clans would be a whole section of its own, so I will continue to the phase after it.
    The high king changed the government to a monarchy and made all of the former Chieftains into his vassals - which they had to accept unwillingly. Keeping them around as vassals was probably his greatest mistake since they were extremely rebellious and never ceased to plot his downfall. The second high king, also a strong leader, tried to establish ties to other countries and the newly founded nobility within the country. He, however, was a bit too naive and created a connection with a family that would abuse his power for their own gains. He devoted himself to their daughter who became queen and after they were able to put their family into the royal court they secretly assassinated the high king which meant that the queen would take over since they had no heir. The new dynasty took over but forgot one important thing - the Chieftains that were just waiting for a moment like this and started a rebellion. The new royal family had no chance against them and was torn apart, the country sinking into a big war. The Chieftains were able to win back the left half of the country while the nobility kept the right one. The left part remained as Arjarc while the right one turned into a new country that only existed for a short amount of time because Lufdurus saw their weakness and decided to invade them - they were ruled by ruthless chambers at that time, much unlike the ones in charge today. Lufdurus could certainly use more land because they were small and weak.
    Arjarc itself turned back into an anarchy and the Chieftains took back what was rightfully theirs. Ever since then, nobody dared to establish a monarchy - or other government - again. They are also still trying to win back the land they lost fo Lufdurus.


    Arjarc does not really have political relations although there are some somewhat friendly ones with countries that do not neighbor them here and there. They are not extremely isolationistic or something, just "wilder" and more barbaric. Some Chieftains also have their own personal relations outside the country, most often merchants whom they can sell their loot. Relations with neighboring countries - which means the ones that are close enough by sea since Lufdurus is the only direct neighbor - are hostile because Arjarc often invades their coasts and steals from them. They are an annoyance and often have to defend themselves against revengeful neighbors.


    There is no law enforcement or law system. The Chieftains make the rules and are the ones to punish people.


    Arjarc definitely prefers numbers over quality and has almost no idea about tactics and military order. Their troops are organized in hordes and just try to swarm their enemies - which often works. They try to keep up in military technology but are still behind by a bit. The reason why they are so good at surviving is their powerful navy which is also their specialty. The Arjarc are masterful shipwrights and have excellent admirals that can make it hard to even get into the country. Should their fleet crumble, they would probably get invaded to death by others, so they are most careful to not damage it.


    Arjarc people may not be the most skillful but they make great stone and wood statues while they are lacking when it comes to painting. Most of their decorations are made out of stone or wood and have that archaic feel to them.


    There are some people that can write - mostly scholars and historians to put everything into chronicles so their history is not forgotten - but most people in Arjarc are actually illiterates that cannot read and do not care to do so. They use signs for most things and have other hobbies than reading, like playing (old) board games, hunting, dancing, throwing festivals and so on.


    Hunting could be considered a national sport in some way.


    There are no real schools in Arjarc so most children learn from their parents. There are a lot of barracks with military instructors, however.

    Naming conventions:

    Their naming conventions are just as archaic as they are and they just use "rough", nordic (but not Viking) sounding first names and then put "son of" or "daughter of" behind that. Which parent's name they put there is decided on birth and it is usually the parent that does more for the family, especially warriors.

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