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  • Zargarik is still recovering after losing most of its lands in a revolution. It is said that their government is reforming.
  • The Etingnean Empire got a new ruler after the old Emperor retired. Empress Estal's coronation ceremony will begin in a few days.
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    I've been busy, busy! Just got all moved in and getting the final touches for a wiki done 😄 Hopefully soon I'll have an actual character to show, but SAI keeps crashing.
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    Bauleura is the continent with the most resources and the richest nature but also one of the most dangerous ones in return. It is the only continent where several gigantic animals called Gigants live. Beings so huge some of them can even reach the height of mountains - however, huge creatures that are as big as buildings can still appear on other continents. The special thing about Gigants is that they are ridiculously big and can even become a threat to whole cities. They are not as common as other animals but the military is on high alert should they appear, needing a special kind of training to deal with them, even in later ages. The regular animals are also usually fiercer here. There are more natural disasters than anywhere else, even weird ones and strange weather – like slimy rain, actually magnetic tornados, quakes so intense everything is shivering instead of shaking and so on. Aside from that, it is still a rather pleasant continent to live on, being central to 4 other continents which enables a profitable trade economy. It is connected with Shazan and Rimsal through enormous bridges and directly with Monoria while Faizeon lies southeast across the ocean.
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    Talents As explained in the entry before, talents are pretty important for this campaign and highly useful. You use them in actions that have a certain chance of success, depending on the situation and your talent level. Actions are usually easy, medium or hard but there can be rare cases of even harder ones. You can't see all of the values but you will be told what difficulty an action has depending on your talent level. If you do not have a needed talent you can try anyway but the difficulty will automatically rise up and slim your chances. There are also some actions that are automatically successful if you have the required talent/s, so you don't have to worry that every action you do could fail. It's all highly situational. Combining talents is also possible but only in certain situations and not every talent is combinable with every other talent. An action where you combine two talents usually uses 50% of their level to determine the rate of success, meaning that a low-level talent and a high-level one cancel each other out and give you the chance of a medium one. Combining talents of the same talent group allows you to decide if they are combined with a 50/50 or 75/25 ratio which allows for more flexibility. Gathering Gatherer talents are easy to explain - you collect things. Fishing - still somewhat useful on islands with lakes and rivers, also includes bug fishing which is probably used more than normal fishing Mining - used to gather ores and other resources Woodcutting - used to gather wood, mostly. Useful to keep the Culm Ship going Foraging - collecting herbs, berries, and similar things Crafting Allows you to create new things that can make certain tasks and actions easier Forging - creates new items made out of metal but needs mining materials (in most cases) Cooking - allows you to cook gathered food to make it even more useful than just eating it raw. More complex dishes are harder but can temporarily increase the chances of certain actions (and are useful for Gourmear abilities) Inventor - create various different things out of any material you can think of, especially unusual ones like monster material Medicine - allows you to create medical supplies out of the right materials Survival People that are experienced in survival talents know how to surpass the dangers of the wilderness. Hunting - requires ranged weapons and is the ability to hunt creatures for materials. The actions are often of medium or hard difficulty and can sometimes hurt the character but wield more results Scouting - a talent to observe outdoor areas and find hidden things, like footprints, secret passages or even disguised enemies. A high enough level can also roughly estimate the dangers ahead (you will not be told if this action was successful or not, so you could end up making a miscalculation) Danger sense - allows escaping dangerous situations like evading a rock that falls down, quickly jumping out of a trap and similar situations. Can't be used if you already tried a different action to save yourself right before it and is not effective against people (except ambushes) First aid - allows you to somewhat heal yourself or someone else, the difficulty depending on the damage the character has sustained. You can't retry if you fail the action and the character needs to go to the ship or a camp to be fully healed. Needs medical supplies Adventuring Talents for true explorers that know exactly what needs to be done to bring an adventure to a success! Observation - allows you to take a closer look at certain things (instead of areas) to find hidden information (or treasures). Can also be used on people (Don't overuse it, though, or its effects will weaken) Wits - are puzzles or riddles blocking your way? This talent can make them easier to deal with but can also be used on other occasions that require sharp thinking (can't be used to find better alternatives in a situation, that would almost be cheating) Improvised communication - use gesticulation and other non-verbal ways to communicate with those that do not understand you, especially minor races Dumb luck - always has a high or very high difficulty but allows you to get out of most non-social and non-combat situations (Fun fact: Walldos has an extremely high level in this) Culture A good way to learn about other cultures, their history and more Archaeology - a great way to find and/or research ancient artifacts, no matter if they are treasures or not. Also, the best way to learn of the past of extinct civilizations Deciphering - your ability to assume the meaning of ancient writings and symbols Cultural adaptability - your ability to learn about and adapt to unknown cultures like minor race ones Etiquette - the knowledge about the social conventions of other countries, most useful when dealing with major races from highly cultural countries like colonial powers and empires Social Become a diplomat and persuade others with the power of words alone. Not all of them work on everyone and the difficulty often does not only depend on the other character but also how you say things Persuasion - try to be friendly and win others over so that they help you or leave you alone, at least Threaten - intimidate others and force them to do your bidding. Has a higher chance if you have someone strong with you (or are strong) Charms - smitten others with your charms and/or impress or seduce them. Works better if you have the looks to back it up Confuse - if you can't convince them, confuse them Humiliate - make others feel like the trash they are (doesn't work on people with high confidence) Sadden - time for a sob story (or something else) to make others feel sorry for you or sad Becalm - try to calm others down so you don't have to deal with them when they are agitated Cheering - make others happy, remove their sadness or try to motivate them Bluff - talk your way out, trick others or skillfully lie to them Bargain - they have something you want, so now the only problem is to figure out how both of you end up being satisfied (also includes bribing) Performing arts Talents that require some specific skills that can be used to entertain others or impress them Music - your ability to play an instrument and/or sing Dancing - shake a leg and impress people with your dancing abilities or copy new dances Acting - the talent to take on a different role and to perform in front of people (also includes using costumes to look like a different person) Tricks - there is no magic in Horhsal but there are still people that perform using tricks (works well if combined with other talents) Rogue You are not necessarily the most trustworthy person - but who cares as long as you can profit from it, right? Stealing - steal other people's stuff but don't be surprised if they want to beat you up if you fail Stealth - become one with the shadows and try to sneak your way past dangers and enemies or eavesdrop on people Sabotage - be a nuisance to others and hamper them in any way possible Ambush - be a dirty bastard and attack others from behind (doesn't work in open combat or when you have been spotted already) Sciences Talents for smart people that have mastered the sciences - or at least a few of them. They might not sound as useful as other talents but still have their uses Biology - the knowledge of organics and living creatures. Allows you to analyze animals, monsters, and organic things (like eggs) to learn about them Psychology - allows you to study the behavior of others and makes it easier to analyze them Meteorology and climatology - knowing how to deal with the weather or even how to predict it is a good way to avoid bad weather on islands or while navigating through the Culm Ocean. Also includes climatology which is useful in areas with extreme or unusual climate Essence sciences - the science revolving around the Essence. Allows you to make use of Essence Sources to replenish Solid Essence or do other things related to Essence sciences (like analyzing Essence Beings). High enough levels allow you to automatically find undiscovered Sources Engineering This talent group focuses on complex machinery and other handy works Machinery - the knowledge of complex machinery and how to use it Repair work - allows you to fix things like broken weapons, Exerter partners, parts of the Culm Ship, equipment and so on Precision work - allows you to skillfully use your fingers for tasks that need a lot of dexterity (also includes lockpicking) Trapping - allows you to use, create and disarm traps (failing has a 50% chance that they get activated) Athletic The usage of your body and the ability to overcome physical challenges Strength - use your power to your advantage Endurance - allows you to endure horrible pain and other hardships Speed - includes running and sprinting but also allows you to, for example, swim faster Body control - this includes both balancing and flexibility, in a way. You can, for example, do balancing acts, try to fit between tight gaps and more. Anything that requires good body control Combat These talents will help you to convince others with the help of a little bit of force Attack - determines how easy it is for you to actually attack others Defense - can help you to defend yourself from enemy attacks Affinity - the experience you have with your Affinity and its respective abilities. Only for major races Artillery - allows you to use artillery like Culm Ship cannons (which is probably the only artillery you will ever find) Racial ability - how good you are with the ability that your race has (some of them are also useful outside of battle) Gaining more talent points As you can guess, the hardships of the journey will steadily increase so you, too, will need to get better at what you can do. As such, gaining talent points is important to strengthen your talents or acquire new ones. First off, unlocking a new talent is easy if you already have talents from the same group and only costs 1 talent point. If you want to reach level 1 of ambush you can easily do so if you already have experience with stealth. Unlocking a talent from a new talent group, however, costs 2 talent points, so that's something to consider. After unlocking the first one of a new group, the second one will be just 1 again since you have experience in this group now. The most common way to gain new talent points is by finding treasures (not counting simple relics like you can find with archaeology). Each treasure you find will grant all characters of the crew a new talent point. However, reaching level 5 will increase the cost to 2. There are sometimes rare events or other means of increasing a talent (but I won't tell you which).
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    Welp, there's a lot to do but I got the feeling that it will be worth it. Status updates like this can be used by any member for almost anything, like what's happening around you, what you're thinking about etc. Only OC, though
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