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  • Imperial Loyalists

    The imperial loyalists are probably the biggest faction since they consist of people that work for the Empire and are loyal towards the Monetiaga family, no matter if a loyal Senator or regular citizen. The loyalists have been around for as long as the Monetiaga family has been in power and are the driving force of the Empire since the Monetiaga family would have no power if there were no people backing them.

    They are the most loyal out of all the factions and follow the Empire without question. Their range of tasks is diverse and they do a bit of everything to keep the realm afloat instead of being specialized like the other loyal factions. Something they do not tolerate are people that question the rule of the imperial family or the Empire itself and some of them are enemies of democracies and oligarchies.

    Military / Militarists

    The militarists are also loyal towards the Empire and consist of generals, officers, soldiers, medics, and anyone else who is a direct part of the Imperial Army. The Imperial Army is divided into several armies that are commanded by a general each. Every soldier usually belongs to a specific army, meaning that imperial soldiers can differ from each other depending on the army they are in because every general has different views and ways to manage their army. There are also a few politicians that view themselves as a militarist faction and their goal is to push for more conquests by military means.


    Another loyal faction that focuses on the expansion of the Empire, not bound to a specific way of doing so. They are fine with military force but also possess many skilled diplomats since they know how important diplomatic relationships are - you cannot just conquer everything by force, after all. They do not like if the Empire is passive and always push for more expansion. They are also fine with colonization if there is currently no good reason to go to war. The landmasses of the Horhsalian continents are mostly in possession of countries, meaning that Etingnun is one of the countries that take part in the colonization of the Culm Ocean islands. They already possess a fair number of colonies and members of the expansionist faction usually act as governors for these colonies. The expansionists would love it if Etingnun manages to become a superpower.

    Order of the Essence

    The Champions of the Essence are a non-religious order that is somewhat part of the Imperial Army but independent from it, meaning generals can only command their members if it was allowed by someone above the order and the army. You could say that they are loyalists as well but they are more loyal towards the Essence than the Empress. Of course, they still accept her as their supreme leader.

    The leader of the order is called Grandmaster and on the same level as the general of the Imperial Army, just slightly below the Senate. The Order of the Essence is not necessarily a military unit because they have more fields of duty than just fighting in conquests.

    The members of the order also deal with traitors of any kind, investigate suspicious personnel no matter who it is - so even a Senator could end up being investigated by them - and act like a non-religious inquisition, punishing anyone who dares to antagonize the Essence or the Empire. The Order is also strict and chooses its members with utmost care, only allowing the most trustworthy individuals to enter their ranks and those that have proven their worth for the Empire.

    Their top members are called Champions of Etingnun and, just like the Champions of other countries, particularly strong. They do not only fight but also help out imperial denouncers if there is a need but only if there is a suspicion of treachery involved. The most important investigations are also led by them and they are the ones to give the order of execution to executors when it comes to traitors who have been sentenced to death.

    This is secret, so most people do not know about it, but some of them take it upon themselves to watch the actions of other important officials, like Senators and generals, and secretly report back to the Grandmaster. Even the Empress does not know that the Order is watching the other government bodies and keeping an eye on them. Of course, they do not watch the Empress like that since she is above everything except the Essence.


    People that are not necessarily liked by some of the other factions since they push for more power of the individual. This by itself is nothing bad and the Empress embraces such values but many imperial loyalists fear that they might get 'too' progressive and want to get rid of monarchies and the autocratic rule that their country currently has. Most progressists proclaim that they are not traitors and want to focus on the daily life of people and the economic infrastructure instead of politics. They have no interest in removing the current rulership. Of course, the most stubborn imperial loyalists do not believe them and there are arguments from time to time because of that.

    There are also a lot of technologists that are part of the progressist faction that want to improve the country's technological state which in turn can benefit other areas of the Empire, like the military. This is one of the reasons why the Empress herself actually supports the progressists even though her most loyal subjects do not share her views when it comes to them.

    Loyalists of specific Senators

    Multiple small factions that each follow a specific Senator, often under the disguise of being a regular loyalist to the Empire. How they act and what their goals are depends on the Senator they are following but not every Senator has loyalists, especially not these that are loyal towards the Empress and do not think they need a following of their own.

    (Replace 'specific Senators' with the name of the Senator if you are an RPer making a character profile for such a character.)


    People that are enemies to the Empire and want to see it be defeated. They have different reasons for it and come from different places. Some are the descendants of countries that got integrated into the Empire and vanished because of it, so they want to rebuild these countries even though most of them never lived in them if their origin country got conquered hundreds of years ago. Others just dislike the Empire and its insane (in their eyes) ambitions and want to put a stop to their conquest and then there is the whole rest that has different reasons for rebelling that often vary from person to person. They are not exactly a threat to the Empire but they are still there and try to gain more power and influence although the Imperial Army and the Order of the Essence are quick to annihilate any signs of resistance quickly. Still, the rebels are tenacious and will probably keep on trying.


    Some traitors can also become rebels but this refers to people that are traitors but do not join a resistance force or anything similar. Traitors are not even a “real” faction since most traitors do not know of each other and rarely work together. It is more like someone who is betraying the Empire for their own gains or those of a group that is not a faction. An example would be a traitorous Senator who schemes against the other Senators and the Empress behind their backs.

    (You should probably hide this. It is allowed to write down Loyalist in the profile even if the character is secretly a traitor.


    People that are not loyal towards any faction and do not want to have anything to do with it, most of them being travelers, tourists, other foreigners or citizens that do not care about the Empire and just want to get on with their lives.

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