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  • The Etingnean Empire got a new ruler after the old Emperor retired. Empress Estal's coronation ceremony will begin in a few days.
  • Medicence is planning to reveal a new medicine at their next exhibition.
  • Tensions between Darcden and Jaymazra are on the rise since Jaymazra is still in the posession of Bauleurian land that does not belong to them. Could this lead to a major conflict in the future?
  • A Tainted Core smuggler incident in Xenxin showed how bad their security is. The government is still trying to cover everything up.
  • The world-famous explorer Walldos challenged adventurers and explorers all around the world to reach the end of the Culm Ocean first. Will we finally learn what can be found there?
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Etingnean Empire

The Etingnean Empire was once a city-state before it rose up to become a powerful empire, covering more than half of the Faizeon landmass it is located on. However, the Etingnean conquest is still not over as they want to take over all of Marhnzon, either through force or other means.

About Etingnun

Government: Imperial monarchy
Ruler: Empress Estal Monetiaga

Goal of this country: Conquer the rest of Marhnzon
Countries left to annex: 13

The Etingnean Empire is a powerful state controlled by an Emperor or Empress. The ruler has absolute power and can do everything he/she wants but it should be self-explanatory that even the most loyal citizens can get enough of a ruler if said ruler abuses their power. This is why the Emperor/Empress usually tries to act like a wise ruler instead of a tyrant. There is also a Senate that backs the ruler up and takes care of different areas to take a load off the ruler's shoulders - managing everything alone would be almost impossible, especially when you are the ruler of an Empire.
The Senators are like advisors and ministers. They often hold meetings with the ruler to discuss the state of the Empire, how to proceed next and to talk about other things. Most Senators also have a specific area they take care of, like the economy or education. Senators are extremely helpful and are highly respected because of that. As such, players of Senators should try to keep in mind that they have to play nice with the other Senators even if they secretly hate them or are corrupted. Going openly against the ruler is also a really bad idea and can even lead to your execution if you are accused of treason. (If you plot in secret, try not to get caught.)

The Empire is divided into several sectors that consist of several cities and regions each. The smallest but most important sector is the capital. All other sectors consist of provinces that have been conquered in the past and were annexed by the Empire, either with military power or other means.
The oldest sectors are stable pieces of the Empire while the newer ones can still have some people that are furious because their country got annexed and merged into the Empire. Younger sectors are the areas with most rebels roaming around because of that.
Each sector is ruled by a governor, a high-ranking politician who has authoritative power over the sector but still has to obey commands from the capital. Governors take care of most business themselves, like the economy, security, cultural integration, and other matters.
A governor should never even think about declaring independence from the Empire because they would get crushed quickly if they do so and because they have no control over the Imperial Army which lies in the hands of the Emperor/Empress and the Grand General of the Imperial Army, despite every sector having its own army.

The Imperial Army is massive and divided into several armies because of that. Each army is commanded by a general that has free control to manage their troops and decide their training. Each army is different because of that since the generals are different from each other as well - there is even an army that consists mostly of war orphans and others that have lost their family.
Each general may have full control over their army but every one of them still has to answer the call of the Grand General of the Imperial Army. Said Grand General possesses the highest rank in the military and can give direct orders to generals. The Grand General is also one of the few people that are allowed to call the Senate and/or Emperor/Empress for a strategic meeting. You will rarely see the Grand General on the battlefield because he/she is busy planning conquests, war strategies, and the deployment of armies.


The capital of the Empire and its heart. This forum can be used for anything happening within the capital itself - or if your scene plays in a lot of different places - but you are also free to use the sub-forums for the same purpose but with a focus on somewhere.



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This forum is to play out events and stories without the need to use the forums that focus on specific places for that and also allows you to temporarily use places outside the hub (like if there is a story that plays in Krondax but belongs to the Etingnun hub).

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This leads to information for factions of the Etingnean Empire.

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