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    - Members must be at least 13 years old. This also means that pornographic images, links, and videos are forbidden.
    - Flaming, harassment, personal attacks, defamation or other malicious actions against other members will not be tolerated.
    - Advertising is only allowed in the Advertisement forum.
    - No spam. We have a spam channel in our Discord server, however.
    - Please use the flag function if you discover anything that breaks our rules.
    - Tags should always make sense within the content they have been posted in.



    - Members can have one general OC-account (which is needed) and create several IC-accounts that belong to it which is easy to do. More about this in the Guide entry of this database.
    - No word count in numbers but players should make at least one paragraph that others can react to.
    - Godmoding, powerplaying, lore-breaking, metagaming, and cheating are prohibited.


    - Explicit sexual content is not permitted. Please keep things SFW.
    - Swearing and violence are allowed but should not go completely overboard.

    Character names

    - Members should try to consider naming conventions of Horhsalian countries when making a character and choosing their homeland. (Of course, it is also possible that the parents of a character did not care about their country's naming conventions so it is okay to make exceptions here and there.)
    - The naming conventions can either be found in the entry of a country or the entry of the culture that country belongs to (which is usually linked in the entry of the country).
    - Some countries/cultures don't have naming conventions yet so you could suggest your own ideas for those.


    - Using avatars is not required and optional, especially if you can't find fitting ones. Describe their looks in their profile in that case.
    - Illustrations only, like self-drawn, commissioned, Animanga etc.
    - Real-life images - photos of real people - and avatars are not allowed.

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