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    - Members must be at least 13 years old. This also means that pornographic images, links, and videos are forbidden.
    - Flaming, harassment, personal attacks, defamation or other malicious actions against other members will not be tolerated.
    - Advertising is only allowed in the Advertisement forum.
    - No spam. We have a spam channel in our Discord server, however.
    - Please use the flag function if you discover anything that breaks our rules.
    - Tags should always make sense within the content they have been posted in.


    - Members can have one general OC-account (which is needed) and create several IC-accounts that belong to it which is easy to do. More about this in the Guide entry of this database.
    - No word count.
    - Godmoding, powerplaying, lore-breaking, metagaming, and cheating are prohibited.


    - Explicit sexual content should be avoided while rape and sexual abuse themes are entirely forbidden.
    - Swearing and violence are allowed but should not go completely overboard.

    Character names

    Members should try to consider naming conventions of Horhsalian countries when making a character and choosing their homeland. An Atypian should have an Atypian name when their family and family tree completely consists of Atypians. Of course, it is also possible that the parents of a character did not care about their country's naming conventions so it is okay to make exceptions here and there.
    The naming conventions can either be found in the entry of a country or the entry of the culture that country belongs to (which is usually linked in the entry of the country). If you have trouble in doing so or are not sure what to do, please ask us for help - we don't mind at all.
    Some countries/cultures don't have naming conventions yet so you could suggest your own ideas for those.


    Using avatars is not required and optional, especially if you can't find fitting ones. Describe their looks in their profile in that case.
    Illustrations only, like self-drawn, commissioned, Animanga etc.
    Real-life images - photos of real people - and avatars are not allowed and will be rejected.

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