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  • Lore for beginners


    This is an extension of the beginner's guide and there to introduce you to the world. You can slowly learn about Horhsal bit by bit, so please do not feel pressured.
    This guide also contains links to more thorough entries which are optional to read and not mandatory to get started. This includes all the blue links you can see - none of them needs to be read to get started (except Aptitudes and transformed Essence Weapons if you want to have powers).


    The Essence

    The Essence is an important part of the world but nobody really knows what 'exactly' it is although everyone knows that it is a force. The people know that the Essence influences large parts of the world and even people themselves but the Essence as a metaphysical being is a mystery. Essence powers completely replace magic and enable Post-Eophrims - this is what the "main" races are called that control most of the world - to use Aptitudes, that have different powers and abilities, and Essence Weapons.
    (The Essence has its own category)

    - Horhsalians use Essence Energy as their main energy source as they do not have electricity. Most machines and high-tech devices are fueled by something called Solid Essence which was discovered at the beginning of the current age.

    - There are creatures called Essence Beings that are made up of pure Essence Energy. They drop Essence Cores when killed which were used as energy source before Solid Essence.

    - Essence powers in battle are mostly used in the form of Aptitudes, of which a person usually can have one and each gives different powers, and Essence Weapons that can be transformed with Essence Cores to give them a unique ability (instead of your character having one). However, this is only available for Post-Eophrims while Non-Eophrims are reliant on their racial abilities.



    This section is just a short summary of Horhsal's history. Each age has a more detailed version as well.


    Eophrims existed during the Age of Draft and laid the foundation for the first civilizations but were still endangered because of how much of a threat Horhsal's nature was. They evolved to become the Post-Eophrim races and died out.
    The first Post-Eophrims started to create actual nationalities and countries which led to the Age of Foundation. They were still in grave danger and decided to unite to survive which led to the creation of the Grand Assembly. After they were no longer threatened, the Grand Assembly was dissembled and countries went their own way - which included warring against each other.
    The Age of Construction was all about technological and societal advancements and the appearance of the first empires and great powers. They continued to explore and advance further and further until they reached the Age of Expansion, the current age, which was introduced by new technologies, the invention of companies and Unions, and archaeology. The first digital technologies were invented not too long after that.



    - The language that everyone should speak so they can talk with foreigners - like English in our world's case - is called “Grand Assembly tongue” (GAT in short) and was created during the time the Grand Assembly was a thing.

    - They never invented “solid” money (like coins and banknotes) and - after they started out by trading with goods - directly switched to the precursor of bank accounts. Not having solid money you can actually touch means they also never invented currencies.
    They ditched this system and use credit cards (and full-fledged banks) now instead.

    - There are no “race countries” and languages (like Gallertia or Gourmearish)! Language only depends on the country (like Galfarian) and you can find the one spoken in a country in its description.

    - The Horhsalian version of marriage is called Everlasting Devotion and not religious but still involves a specific ritual.

    - Internet and TV (called TF) are both actually owned by two different companies instead of public property.

    - The most popular pets in Horhsal are wealthbirds, house-slimes, and snooflers.


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