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    About Essence of Horhsal and the setting


    Essence of Horhsal is an original roleplay in a world called Horhsal. Most things in it are custom made, including the races, continents, countries, and a lot of other things. By the way, the rules are here (in case you didn't see them). Our Discord invite is here and it is possible to RP there as well.


    The setting is as a mix of medieval, renaissance, early modern, and late modern pieces. You have an Internet and high-tech devices - with no electricity because Essence Energy is used to power them - but armor, melee weapons, colonialism, citadels, absolute monarchies etc. are still around while firearms are still old-fashioned and more similar to muskets and breech-loaded rifles.

    Think of how some of the newer Final Fantasy games can blend old and new together. There are low- as well as high-tech countries around but both are completely capable of surviving.

    There is no magic but something called the Essence which can be described as a metaphysical entity that flows throughout the whole planet and changes it because of that. It can also give powers to people and is like a "force".


    The beginning will focus on a newly created country called Kowarik that can be found on the continent Bauleura. It is the result of a revolution that ripped the dictatorship Zargarik apart, splitting it up into 5 different countries and one of these is Kowarik.
    The young direct democracy is still trying to find its own identity which will happen through the interactions of players, a few examples being having characters that can add new buildings or functions (like a musician adding the option to build a concert hall), decisions that everyone can vote on that can change the ideologies and politics of the country, helping the capital by solving tasks/quests, and much more.

    Players can even influence the lore entry and its various fields! A possible first goal could be to reunite the island landmass they are on, either through violence or diplomacy.

    Of course, you can also just ignore Kowarik and be an unbound character, join an international faction or do almost anything else. Horhsal is huge and offers a great open world.


    Lore for beginners


    The lore section is already pretty vast and can be overwhelming for a beginner. However, you don't even need to know most that can be found in it and you can learn more about the world over time. There are still some things that you should definitely know, however.
    As such, here is a link to a lore guide that explains everything necessary short and simple.


    RP info links


    Kowarik lore entry

    Kowarik database
    Stories/Adventures and events
    Open character roles and factions


    Joining, creating a character, and starting


    Joining is quite easy. Just create your main account and you are in. You can use this account for everything, even creating characters and posting as them. No need for a bunch of accounts thanks to the IPS Character Mod which is explained below. All of this also holds true if you only use the Discord for RPing.


    Creating characters is easy. You can even post as characters after creating them.

    1. Go to Characters
    2. Choose new character and create your character - that's it. Only fields that have a red "Required" are mandatory, all others are optional, so fill out as much as you want.

    You can find most other information with the navbar at the top.


    There is also a guide for other, optional content that might interest you (but is not required to read at the beginning).


    Choosing a race to play as for your first character

    Horhsal is inhabitated by various species although the Post-Eophrims, a family of closely related races, are the most prominent ones since only they have countries and can ruler over them while Non-Eophrims live in their own little civilizations that are not on the map and which do not have nationalism.

    You could say that Post-Eophrim = culture by country; and Non-Eophrim = culture by race.


    A short overview of Post-Eophrim races. Non-Eophrims are here and can be created by players.

    - Homin: The humans of this world although they are still part of the Post-Eophrim family.

    - Gourmear: Their racial ability involves eating things to temporarily gain abilities depending on what they ate.

    - Lazulian: Their racial ability focuses on powers they can get from extreme emotions.

    - Atmogis: They can make use of elements around them to change forms and use respective powers.

    - Faunarim: They are like kemonomimis, people that look human-like but have animal parts, like ears, claws, wings, tails, paws, and so on and differ wildly in their looks, depending on the animal they are similar to (a catgirl is a kemonomimi). Their abilities depend on the parts they consist of. (They are not anthros, meaning bipedal animal people that do not look human-like.)

    - Floraph: They are similar to Faunarims but are made up of plant parts instead. Unlike Faunarims, Floraphs share a lot of abilities and can do things like shooting spores, absorb poison and use it, grow thorns, and other abilities.

    - Gallert: Jelly-like (NOT slimes) people that have a unique skin texture that is colorful. They still have organs but can shift forms to a more solid, liquified or gaseous form.

    - Umbril: Like Gallerts, they have a unique skin texture that looks a bit shadow-like (they are still solid, though) and is entirely black. Males can learn to transform into shadow versions of monsters while females can do the same with animals.

    - Simulgis: They are able to activate a special sight that allows them to see Essence Energy and the flow of Essence around them.


    If you want to get avatars for races other than Homins and Faunarims (since it's super easy to find images for both) you could either edit human characters to look like one of them, draw one yourself or have one commissioned.


    Questions and contacting the staff


    There are multiple ways to contact the staff. Either PM a staff member if you are a member or use the Guest lounge forum if you are a guest. You can also join our Discord and ask there (and RP there) or use Titan on the main page.


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